January 2013


Venture To New Places

Here at Classic Collections, the glass is ALWAYS half full and we take the same approach to a New Year! Rather than dwelling on fiscal cliffs, elections won or lost, the woes that could be ahead, we tend to look forward to a fresh beginning on the calendar and embrace the upcoming times. We think of all the things we want to do, places to visit, friends to make, treasures to find. The world is our oyster, and right now, we want to share those oysters (and pearls) with you!


This year, let's make the decision to see the world as beautiful and awesome, inviting, inspiring, uplifting and be thankful for the blessings we have. Let's agree to share our bounty, health, educational and financial largess with those in need. Let's smile more, disagree less, gain emotional strength, lose physical weight, and be healthy and grateful for a fresh start in 2013!

 Get ready for our second annual January BLACK SALE! This was such a great success last year that we are going to incorporate it into Classic Collections special annual events.


You will be bored to death with all the January White Sales and so, we are offering comfort against this dull conventional event with  the opportunity to shop for all things BLACK during January with a special 15% discount!


Included is everything in the shop that is pure  BLACK including furs, gowns, shoes, boots, luggage, coats, dresses, handbags, jewelry and accessories.


 Since BLACK is always an elegant choice, forever in fashion and perfect for any occasion, we know that you will find something special for your wardrobe. But, we feel obligated to warn you that unfortunately we are temporarily sold out of black diamonds!


 All those saying about boots such as "giving one the boot", "tough as an old boot", "shake in your boots", "wearing seven-league boots" and that other oldie but goodie, "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" clearly were not pointed (no pun intended) comments about fashion boots! 


Good grief, the style world would surely end today if the ever-so wonderful fashion boot were to disappear. In the 19th and early 20th centuries, women most commonly wore calf-length or ankle boots for protection from the elements, work and leisure activities such as  horseback riding.


 But, in 1953, Beth Levine, an American designer, introduced boots into Haute Couture. Regardless of the fashion world's skepticism and some consumer reluctance, boots gradually gained popularity and were made ultra luxurious with alligator, fur and embellishments by Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, Balenciaga and other style icons. 


"The re-emergence of boots as a fashion item in the 1960's has been interpreted as...an indication of a woman's inherent capabilities-the interaction of male "strength", female "compassion" and a dash of sexuality" states Rachelle Bergstein in her 2012 book, Women from the Ankle Down: The Story of Shoes and How They Define Us. (And you thought we weren't well read!)


Who among us can forget memorable "Boot Moments"?  Think Jane Fonda in Klute, Nancy Sinatra performing "These Boots are Made For Walking", Julia Roberts in Pretty Women, Madonna in almost every world tour, Anne Hathaway in Chanel thigh-high beauties in The Devil Wears Prada, Honor Blackman in The Avengers, Rihanna in almost all of her performances, every single women action hero from the Bond girls, to the Star Trek ladies to Wonder Woman and finally, many of

Queen of Sole!

the cheerleading squads affiliated with professional sports teams for the NBA and NFL!


So, ladies, come on in to Classic Collections and peruse our fabulous selection of boots. Calf-length, ankle, thigh-high, riding, all weather....we have some serious boots for you. As Bradley Quinn said in his book The Boot, "Shoes may be able to carry a woman around town, but showing

off a pair of boots can be reason enough to leave the house!"  We couldn't agree more.


Sally at Lady In Red

 Classic Collections is proud to support many charities and in December we were delighted to lend our efforts to the LADY IN RED GALA which benefited the American Humane Association. This was the 19th annual gala put on by the Leaders In Furthering Education (LIFE Foundation) which is an organization originally started by and still magnificently run by the most generous and benevolent Lois Pope.


(L-R) Marianna, Dove, Sally and Bethany

Held at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, the evening started with cocktails around the pool under the stars and a magnificent outdoor performance by the Palm Beach Symphony with world renowned concert pianist, Lola Astanova.


 Of course, there was a Silent Auction and the ladies of Classic Collections were there to use their retail skills and help with the organization and bidding of some of the fabulous items that were offered. 


Then it was on to dinner as guests walked through the 90 member Nova Choir serenading them with their incredible voices and passed by two gigantic 15 foot tall dogs made of flowers into the Grand Ballroom.  

Jay Leno and Sally Kimball



Guests were entertained by legendary "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno who kept the party going with his raucous wit and sharp humor. Jay even acted as the Live Auctioneer and raised substantial funds with the auction of Tiffany watches, a VIP Macy's Thanksgiving  Trip, and a BMW motorcycle....which he hopped on and drove out the door! That rascal! The Sultans of Swing started their fabulous music and everyone-I mean everyone-danced the night away until the wee, wee hours! It was a night to remember and Classic Collections was so pleased to be a part of this outstanding event that benefited the animals we all love so much!








Okay all you fashionista's, we want to see just how much you know about all your favorite designers here at Classic Collections, with a new game we like to call Fashion Know It All! Reference our past newsletters for help, if needed!


Please email us your answers or come in with them and if you are 100% correct, you will receive a one time 15% discount on any one item of your choice. 


Okay here are the questions....


1. What does L.B.D. stand for?


2. Name a jewelry designer exclusive to Classic Collections.


3. This local (Miami) dress designer, originally hailing from Israel, creates her own prints for fabrics made in Italian mills.


4.  Both well known designers are carried frequently here at Classic Collections. One is known for colorful, playful prints and the other for using horsebits. HINT: They rhyme!


5.  This iconic designer is best known for timeless elegance, simplicity and tailored pieces. Classic Collections displays this line consistently in our front window.


6.  What does Sally say is an essential item when cleaning out your closets? HINT: It comes in red and white.


7.  Every fall season we get incredible furs from our furrier. What city do they hail from? HINT: Their state is home of Lady Liberty!


8.  Classic Collections supports many charities and organizations. Name one that all of us animal lovers are proud to support? HINT: They have a National Hero Awards Show and this years event honored Betty White.


9.  Every year Classic Collections holds a special event that features accessories, luggage and handbags made by a famous French designer. What is this event called?


10. This handbag designer is quite blingy! In fact, her name rhymes with one of the most popular teen pop singers right now!




Email answers to: classiccollpb@bellsouth.net

How many times have you made the resolution to start the year by cleaning out your closets ?  Some beautiful, perfectly lovely pieces are no longer used or wanted; or they no longer fit; or they just doen't work with your current life style. Maybe the item isn't your "best" color any longer-or you finally, grudgingly acknowledge that "must have" piece  was a fashion mistake when you bought it?
Well, we can help!  We are accepting for consignment exceptional new or "nearly new" luxury, designer women's merchandise-clothing, handbags, scarves, accessories, shoes, costume and fine jewelry.  Please call us for an appointment   (561-833-3633) and we will gladly see if we can accommodate you.  We have complementary pick up and, of course, confidentiality is guaranteed.  We look forward to hearing from you!







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