June 2013


Did you ever wonder how or, more importantly, who creates those marvelous, whimsical, much- coveted scarves that the Paris-based luxury company Hermes produces?


Known for their unique designs, brilliant or purposely muted colors and made of the finest silk with hand rolled, stitched edges, these pieces of art have been produced since 1937.


In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, "Every Scarf Has a Story", reporter Christina Binkley has written a

Individually Signed By Artists

terrific piece detailing the origin and current creative process of the Hermes scarf. She tells us that more than 2,000 Hermes scarf designs exist (not all have been produced yet!) and that "every scarf has a tale". These scarves tell stories and are created by approximately 50 freelance artists from around the world. From graphic designers, children's book illustrators, independent artists and ordinary people who draw as a hobby, Hermes chooses designs with the goal of producing 20 new scarf designs per year. The luxury house then uses these design patterns throughout its collections of clothing, accessories and house wares.


  The production of the scarves is complex. Once a design is accepted, it goes into the Hermes workshops where it takes almost 18 months to produce a scarf design. According to Binkley, "Engravers take six months to determine each scarf's colors. The average number of colors in an Hermes scarf is 27. After a painstaking printing process....it takes 750 hours on average to engrave the screens for printing each design....the scarves are cut from lengths of cloth and hand-rolled with tiny stitches around the edges."


While the typical Hermes scarf costs around $410 and much more for larger or limited edition pieces, Classic Collections has a constantly revolving inventory of these beauties and the 36" square scarf is very reasonable priced at $250. While Hermes scarves have long lives, sometimes it's fun to let go of part of your collection so you can buy a selection of the new ones! Call us and we will be delighted to help you!



Summer Hats Galore

Aside from the fashion statement a hat can make, there is the ever-present reality that wearing a wide brimmed hat can protect your delicate skin from the deadly effects of the sun's UV rays. Thank goodness that it has become the norm for women (and men...think golf, tennis, boating!) to don a hat before spending any time in the sun.


We have a nice selection of summer hats for your consideration. Sturdy straws that are foldable for travel by Eric Javits and Helen Kaminski are always in fashion and for those who desire a more "formal" hat (church, wedding, etc), we have the designs of Frank Olive, Patricia Underwood, Shaneem Huxham and others.
Gosh, we just LOVE when we get a lot of new handbags to add to our already bursting stock! We have just received some great summer styles....consider the terry cloth Pucci that can go from beach to bistro and keep you looking so very chic. Or how about that Nancy Gonzales bronze crocodile and linen that will go with everything you wear this summer?


There's the beautiful Prada satchel in summer colors of orange and pink and a marvelous linen and mint Fendi for


 casual shopping days. Feeling nostalgic? Why not pick up one of the Gucci monogram bags with the signature bamboo trim or handles....nothing says vintage Gucci like these bags!


Judith Leiber

Thinking about the weddings, proms, summer balls you may be attending? Peruse our designer evening bags by such well known designers as Judith Leiber, Harrod's, Lana Marks and others.



We have an enormous selection of costume jewelry right now for sale for the summer. Instead of crowding the showcases, we have just put this assortment of fun baubles in bins marked $25, $50 and $75. Yep, come on in and delve through our treasures...you are certain to find something to wear and walk out with a smile!



AHHHH, the fabulous feel of un-fettered toes sporting a beautiful manicure! Whether you prefer sandals, ballet flats, espadrilles, peak-toed pumps, sling backs or easy slip-on mules, wedges or clogs, it is finally time for summer shoes!

Yves Saint Laurent


While the big stores have their summer sales, so do we...and those Louboutin's, Jimmy Choo's, Ferragamo's and others are a lot less expensive here at Classic Collections!


We have a wide selection of flats and sandals in sizes from 6 to 11! So come on in, you Cinderella's, and let's see if we can find something for your tootsies! Warning: No Prince with Purchase!







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