May 2013




(With our apologies and deep respect to the Shirelles...read more later)*

And who better to benefit from these SALES but you, your Momma and all the want-to-be Momma's out there! Well, ladies, we have so many sales going on now, we KNOW that you'll find something for Mother's Day...in fact let's make that MOTHER'S MONTH!


Glam in Bob Mackie

 Due to the early departure of the snow-birds, we are treating our local and visiting customers to a month-long sale of everything in the shop! Yes, deep discounts from 10% off on brand new items to 50% off on all merchandise from dresses, gowns, handbags, shoes, Louis Vuitton luggage, scarves, jewelry, jackets, tops, suits and accessories. Unheard of discounts----even for us! Our Momma's taught us to shop wisely, wait for the big sales and

The PERFECT Spring jacket

invest prudently in classic pieces. Oh, and did we mention that they said to always shop first at Classic Collections??Come on in...you will be delighted with the savings! 


The Shirelles

  *(okay, for those who want to know...in 1957, four teenage girls from Passaic, N.J. formed a group that evolved into The Shirelles. Their music, known as "na´ve schoolgirl sound" took off in the early 1960's with the songs "Dedicated To The One I Love", "Baby It's You", "Tonight's The Night" and in 1962, "Momma Said There'd Be Days Like This". They were the first girl group to top the Billboard Hot 100 and it's been said that the Shirelles launched the 'girl group genre' after their hit "Will You Love Me Tomorrow?" (In 1996 the Shirelles were inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.)



Elana Kattan New Arrival
Yes, all you converts to the marvelous, airy, wrinkle-free, washable, ultra-comfortable and beautifully constructed Elana Kattan gowns, dresses, skirts and tops, they are here! Just in are over 100 new pieces from the Miami designer who is known for her stunning hand-designed prints on the beautiful textiles that are woven for her custom lines in France and Italy.


Beautiful in blue for a beach wedding this summer

 Flattering to women of all shapes and sizes,
Colorful, Lively and Vibrant
Elana brings her years of study in Israel, Paris and New York with her experience in designing swimwear to the creation of her most care-free, comfortable and elegantly casual designs for summer. Made to travel with minimum care, these styles can be worn morning, noon and for evening from casual to black tie events. Nothing says summer like these bright, delicate knits that are the pieces a summer wardrobe is built on!
Charming Chopard

 Let's face it, how many more bottles of perfume, chocolate or flowers can you really give your Mom without looking like it was a last minute gift? Why not consider some snazzy fine and/or costume jewelry! It will show Mom that you took time to find something special and knowing her as you do, will showcase and match her life-style, wardrobe and personality! 


With a stunning selection to choose from, we can offer pieces from $30 to over $10,000. With names like Chopard, Tiffany, Christian Dior, Concord, Chanel, Philip Stein, Kenneth J. Lane, Lanvin, Sequin, Alexis Bittar, Christian

Dual Time Zone-Philip Stein

Dior, Chanel, Tory Burch, Pascal Panis, David Yurman and more. There are rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches and watches.   


Of course, hopefully you know that we have a superb collection from two major local jewelry designers:



Sterling Silver, Unique Shell Design

 Creating works of art since 1990, Charles Albert has brought his craft of utilizing nature's beauty to the world. Mainly using unique seashells, corals, turquoise, geodes, raw pieces of quartz and other untouched or unenhanced forms of nature, Albert creates stunning central pieces outlined in sterling silver that are typically hung from neck wires. Bracelets are small and dainty or large and chunky and are often a mix of shells, silver, coral, geodes, and gemstones such as amethyst, tourmaline, topaz and citrine.


Featured in the world's most famous fashion magazines, one can

Gorgeous Turquoise by Charles Albert

spot a "Charles Albert" in a second...and we can provide you a vast array of his marvelous creations! We have just brought in a huge shipment of pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings and one of kind necklaces that will brighten up your summer attire.



Gold, Rubies and White Sapphires by Maria Hamilton



 Fairly new to the jewelry world, Maria Hamilton, originally from Caracas, now calls Florida her home. Working with gemstones and crystals, Maria is known for her unique rings, stunning "flashy" necklaces and beautiful bracelets. Recent 2011 winner of the "International Emerging Jewelry Designer of the Year Award," we are proud to bring you Maria's wonderful jewelry.

Maria Hamilton


Simply stunning and memorable, Maria is currently being featured in JCK Magazine, People Stylewatch and Accessories Magazine.  


 We recently read a marvelous article in the April 18, 2013 issue of the Wall Street Journal called "A Closet Filled With Regrets".   Written and researched by Ray A. Smith (a man! who knew!) the disturbing results discovered: While clothes seem great in the store, once home, they seem so wrong. In fact, people regularly wear just 20% of their wardrobe!



While this should come as no surprise to all of us, it appears that the bigwigs in the retail world depend on consumers having regrets on many of their purchases. Because you just bought it, you can't seem to get rid of it (and tougher return policies exasperate the situation), and so the item is delegated to a corner of the closet that just as well have a big sign marked, "Regrets"!


Mr. Smith points out that people shop for many reason other than truly needing something. Basically, there are three types of shoppers: the Sale Shopper, the Aspirational Shopper and the Emotional Shopper. Without a doubt, we ALL have made purchases where we fit into one or all three of these purchases. Here's the scoop:


 The Sale Shopper: The sale was irresistible...the mark down outrageous! How could this be passed up? I would regret it forever! Somehow, someway, I'll make it work with my wardrobe because it's such a deal!

Lovely Louis Vuitton!


The Aspirational Shopper: What a statement this will make! Wearing this designer will impress everyone! This label will show  I can afford the best and that therefore, I must be (pick one): successful, sexy, fashionable, etc.! 


Platinum and Diamonds!

The Emotional Shopper: OMG, this will cheer  me up! I'm so (take your pick): stressed, depressed, unhappy, anxious, fat, thin, unworthy etc. I deserve this because... see prior list. 


Interestingly, the "conventional wisdom that shoppers regret splurges isn't true". In fact, according to an article in the 2008 Journal of Marketing Research, "shoppers most regretted, over the long term, passing up an indulgence for something practical or less expensive"!!!


 How does this relate to Classic Collections? Well, get into your closet, go to the REGRETS Corner and bring that merchandise to us! Get it out of your life. Just because you no longer fit into something, can't figure out what you were thinking when you bought it, will never wear it regardless of how much you saved, we can alleviate your guilt and give you back some closet space and PAY YOU MONEY!


Our customers LOVE the idea of finding their own designer treasures that are deeply discounted and special! And, just in case  they don't wear it, it's NO BIG DEAL. In fact, we have some things consigned over and over again by successive consignors who just didn't use it, or wore it to a special occasion and really can't wear it again or put on/lost weight etc. Indeed, the mental process of consigning and then getting paid for the item and at the same time having it gone from your closet is so rewarding that you will wonder how you lived without Classic Collections.


So to honor all our consignors, Marianna Hurwitch of Classic Collections wrote this little poem:


Clean out your closet

And don't make a fuss

If it's not becoming to you...

It should be coming to us!







SALE- Everything 10-50% off Storewide

Nothing is exempt!


Good through 05/31/13
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