October 2013

Oh no, before you go there, that's NOT what we are talking about!  As all designers, marketing gurus and women know, the number on a tag that supposedly designates what size you are and should be shopping for, is a total myth.  It means nothing and varies so widely  from designer to style to country of manufacture to vintage that there really is no standard upon which one can rely.


Now, with so many designers and manufacturers marketing their goods online, this topic is especially confusing as there is virtually no way to determine if a garment will fit or not.  While many companies provide a handy "Size Chart" as a guide,  it is hardly the same as trying on clothing and taking the style for a ride on your body. 



Indeed, many designers vary widely from their own guidelines in an effort to keep their customers thinking that they are and will be a size 8 (fill in your number) forever.  This exercise of fudging the size numbers is know in the industry as "vanity sizing" and is exactly what it is purported to be.   This practice, also known as size inflation, describes the phenomenon of ready-to-wear of the same nominal size becoming larger in actual physical size over time. (An example: Chico's has simply changed their sizes to 1, 2 and 3...totally eliminating the logical and honest reference to any size charts).


 So, when you proudly claim that (30 years later) you still wear the same size you did in college, rest assured that there has been some playing with the numbers.  Yes, in college you may have been a size 8, but that body of yours has morphed and redistributed itself on your bones.  That perfect 36" bust line is now closer to your waist (which isn't 24" anymore either) and don't think for one moment that the designers haven't taken this into account. Today's size 8 is much larger, cut differently and doesn't begin to have the construction and tailoring that a garment made 30 years ago sported. Further, did you really wear Valentino or Chanel in college?  If not, the size 8 Gap dress never would (and never will) equal a size 8 luxury designer label.  In fact, a study done in 2003 for the Clothing and Textiles Research Journal found that after measuring 1,000 pairs of women's' pants "more expensive brands tended to be smaller than those from cheaper brands with the same nominal size". 


And what about foreign manufacturers?  Gianni Versace and Giorgio Armani never met a size 14 or 16 they liked

Gigi in 
Herve Leger

and Herve Leger doesn't even think in double digits. Comparing a current Chanel suit of the same size to one that is 20 years old will bring different results...and let's face it, the designs are classic and don't really change that much.  Coco is probably spinning in her perfect size 8 grave!  Further, unless the French and Italians get together and use standardized Euro-type numbers, their sizes will never be understandable to most of the world. 


Oh yes, sizing is a slippery slope and one that consumers must tread on carefully!  So, just join the legions of ladies who say "the number doesn't matter"!  Don't fall into the web devised by marketing geniuses who think we don't know what they are doing...we DO and frankly, if you like something, it fits and flatters you, who really cares about a fictitious number?




Diamond & Ruby


Just in time for a day celebrating LOVE, we have the most amazing selection of fine and costume jewelry for your pleasure! 


From Beverly Hills, we are featuring an assortment of diamond earrings, ornate hair pieces, bangle and art deco bracelets,

Mother of Pearl and Diamond Hair Comb

stunning gold and colorful gem drop earrings, as well as unique vintage pieces from marvelous estates. 


For those who prefer more delicate jewelry, we also are showing a

Colored Stones

number of fine stone earring studs ranging from blue topaz, citrine to garnet, diamonds, as well as aquamarine, pink sapphire, tanzanite and rubies; and a selection of rings that either match or compliment these dainty designs.  


Tiffany Gold 

For the men in your life,

Van Cleef & Arpel Gold & Onyx  Cufflinks

show your love with a gift of classic Tiffany or Van Clef & Arpel cufflinks or new precious gems pieces by Maria Hamilton. 


Perhaps you want to show your love for yourself and indulge in a splurge of fabulous chunky costume jewelry. 

Fabrice Crystal & Yellow Flowers

Who could resist the bold necklaces of Kenneth J. Lane or the fabulous pieces by French designer Fabrice? 

Fabrice Deco Brooches

What is NOT to love about the sparkling rhinestone bracelets, brooches and necklaces that can take a blazer and jeans from daytime strolling to a night on the town? 


So come on in and explore our jewelry cases-we have something for every taste, budget, style and age...and this is the time of year to show your love for the fabulous ornaments that inherently make us shine!






Chevron Edged Mink 
Reversible to Leather
Punxsutawney Phil, the world's most famous Groundhog, may or may not see his shadow on February 2
 (which typically indicates that Spring is just around the corner), but we at Classic Collections tend to lean toward more scientific forecasts.  Unfortunately due to the phenomena known as the "Polar Vortex" as of this writing, the Bad News is that it appears that the country is still in for some serious winter weather.  The GOOD NEWS is that we are offering a 20% OFF SALE of all of our Fur and Winter Coats!


The beautiful selection of new, previously owned and unique fur coats, jackets, ponchos and vests that we currently have in stock includes mink, sheared mink, sheared beaver, fox, rabbit, sable, shearling, coyote, and various combinations of different types of furs. 
Note, our newest piece...a very special coat for a very special lady!   
This one-of-a-kind ruffled ranched US mink swing coat was designed by Genny, and made in Italy. The beautiful honey and whiskey color of the furs is set off by a brilliant emerald green silk lining.



One exceptional coat headlines our superior collection this year.

Wild Russian Sable

 This is a magnificent full length Russian Sable and is a size Medium to Large.  There are over 100 skins on this incredible coat and it is wild (not ranched) Russian sable from the Ural Mountain and Siberian areas of Russia.  


Wild caught Russian furs are considered the most luxurious and demand the highest prices in the international fur market.  The most highly valued fur since the Middle Ages, sable (which is a species of marten) is considered unique among furs as it retains its "smoothness" in every direction when it is stroked.  And this coat deserves a lot of stroking!


Sable Silk Lining
There is a lovely story behind our beautiful sable:  This coat was made for and given to a very famous international model (you have seen her on fashion magazine covers) by her lover so she would always be warm!  Each pelt is stamped Meiskin,
Sable interior detail with Meiskin stamps
and the pelts were purchased through the fur auction run by the Russian government.  Assembled in Germany, this coat is made in the "skin on skin" method and graced this stunning lady for the past 10 years.  The original price of $150,000 is not extraordinary for a fur of this quality and uniqueness, and we are pleased to present it for $59,000.




Chloe in Redux Gown

 Ah, RED...the universal color of passion, love, warning, lipstick, blood, rubies, tomatoes, Irish setters, Taylor Swift....wait, we're going to far afield here!  Let's stick with passion and love. 


Palm Beach is a town that loves red...the more the better!  The social season starts off with philanthropist Lois Pope's LIFE gala "The Lady in Red".  Swarms of stunning ladies draw attention in so many shades of red that Picasso himself would be enthralled!  Moving on to the Red Cross Ball, one can see distinguished guests and Ambassadors from all over the world escorting regal ladies adorned in our favorite color (not to mention all those red cummerbunds and bow ties that the fellas sport!)  

Of course, February brings the Heart Ball which, natch, honors one's heart...the color of life!   


Who can resist the beauty, the power, the boldness, the strength of that marvelous color RED?  Certainly not men!  Results of a 2008 study by the University of Rochester found that RED ON WOMEN DRIVES MEN WILD!  According to the study, RED made women more attractive and sexually desirable and men became more attentive, amorous and (gasp) generous!  Who knew?  


Certainly in most cultures RED is the symbol of passion, love, beauty, courage, loyalty honor and success. 

Judith Leiber Heart

In short, RED GETS YOU NOTICED!  Whether it's a woman executive's red power suit, a classic Valentino jacket, a stunning alligator handbag, a plush and yummy cashmere scarf, perky red sunglasses or a pair of inimitable Christian Louboutin shoes flashing those sexy red soles, the color red inevitably provokes the strongest reaction of all colors.  (This even works in nature-although it has more to do with fruits, flowers and animals than shoes!)   


Red can perk up
 a dreary day!


and it looks great on everyone.  It can be worn full out-with a daring, authoritative "Here I Am" look, or it can be used with a more subtle and playful confidence-the peek of a lacey red teddy, a hint of red at the waist with a fabulous belt, a cinnabar or red coral necklace or earrings or the pop of a patterned red scarf.    So, ladies, it's time to find your "Inner RED" and wear it proudly...and, by the way, it's a color that truly looks good in all seasons!!!



Fashion loves Red

And we do too!

Buy something Red

We'll have a gift for You!


15% off on any

RED item in February!



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