January 2014


de la Renta

Crystals, beads, pearls, sequins, glitter, and all bright and shiny bits embellish so many wonderful fashion pieces at the height of the winter holidays!  Sail into the New Year with a razzle-dazzle attitude complete with every imaginable approach for adorning everything from cocktail dresses, gowns, purses, evening bags, suits, shoes, furs and even shawls.
Marchesa Sequined Stunner
With a liberal dose of sequins, no dress will
Tom & Linda Platt 
ever be boring.  Consider the black Marchesa cocktail dress or the stunning Mandalay one-shoulder

special dinner dress.  

Knock them over with a Bordeaux bugle beaded silk chiffon party dress by John de Medeiros or  

an elegant cream crystal and pearl 2 piece evening pantsuit suit by Escada. 


Heavenly Blue
Stephan Yearick
WOW! Walk
Hollywood Crystal Glamour
into a room in a full length beaded gown, and Hollywood has come-a-calling! 


Or, mix the sparkles up with ruffles, feathers and baby pleats to stun the glittering gala crowd!


And the shoes...OMG, Cinderella herself would be storming our doors! Twinkle across the  dance flo
Valentino Crystals
or in Valentino crystalpumps,
Giuseppe Zanotti Bugled Beauties
or catch the
envy of everyone with these brand new Giuseppe Zanotti sandals with bugle beads, crystals and chain link, or Gucci's answer to add everything shiny and see what happens!    
Glimmering Gucci's


Sparkling into the New Year is also a welcome break before the dreary days of January!  A sweater vest with silver crystals, a simple sequined tank top, a purse with a bit of sparkle can make even a conservative outfit a zesty fashion statement. 

Blingy Brooches
Why not put that sparkling brooch on a black suit, the bugle beaded silk fur shawl around a simple sheath dress or even dress up your outerwear look with crystal Bulgari,
Sparkly Sunglasses
Caviar or Versace sunglasses! 

Take a lesson from King Louis IV who knew the power of crystals, mirrors and bling!
Valentino Clutch in Studs and Crystals
Ponder his creation of Versailles

and how his vision of all things

shiny and magnificent brought France

from the medieval ages into a more enlightened and cultured era!   


Sally musing about handbag resolutions



If you honestly are going

to keep any of your resolutions, you really need to think about curbing that handbag fetish! 




Truly, buying purses these days comes down to your current life-style, your interior space needs, and cost-are you looking for an "investment" piece that you will wear

Birkin Beauty

forever, or is it something to take on that trip to Europe just this once?  

Is this something you have always wanted, or is it a purchase to salve your conscience for heavens knows what?  Is it a great buy or is it just the right style and color to go with your current wardrobe. 


Gorgeous Gucci 
Of course, part of the new you for the New Year, also pertains to editing your closet and evaluating your present style to determine if you are actually ever going to wear some of the beautiful handbags that you own.  Unless that Louis Vuitton  

handbag was Grandma's favorite, your graduation gift from Mom and Dad

Chanel Cutie!

or the very first thing you bought with your first bonus, if you don't wear it anymore, let it go. Yep, it's time to switch things up, let unworn or unloved bags go and buy at consignment prices the pieces that you really want.




Isn't it wonderful that all shapes and sizes of jewelry can fit and complement just about all of us?

Luscious Lapis Bracelets
We always have beautiful fine and costume jewelry to tantalize all tastes, styles and budgets!


Consider the 60 pieces of fine jewelry we have just received for season.

18k Door Knockers

From lapis lazuli and 14K gold bracelets to 18K door knocker earrings to beautiful emerald and sterling necklaces.  



Care more for brand name jewelers?  How about Elsa Peretti for Tiffany lacquer

Elsa Peretti for Tiffany

bracelets, Hermes enameled bangles

or rings by Judith Leiber, happy diamonds by Chopard or diamond watches by Valentino!

 Enameled Bangle


Desire something more contemporary and unusual?  Peruse the wide collection of local designer Maria Hamilton who works with precious and semi precious stones set in gold and silver.   


Maria Hamilton
 Rubies and Sapphires
Recently featured in several fashion magazines, we have a wide variety of rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants and bracelets from this wonderful young, edgy designer.  


On the costume jewelry side, we feature items from Kenneth J. Lane, Alexis Bittar, Judith Ripka, Ciner, Jose & Maria Barrera

Jose & Maria Barrera Agate Bracelet/ Earring Set

and many others.There's a fabulous selection of vintage jewelry including brooches, Bakelite necklaces, and stylish long beaded necklaces of all colors and varieties.





Wishing you could start the New Year with a new wallet? 

Wonderful Wallets

Well, have we got a stunning selection for you!  First of all, we include money in each wallet!  Yes, indeed, because according to the principals of Feng Shui, it is very bad luck to give or get a wallet without money in it---both for the giver and receiver!  Who knew?  Well, apparently the custom is to include 8 different types of currency to increase the chance of receiving money from many sources from all over the world.  At Classic Collections, you most likely will get regular American money, but we want you to know our hearts and minds have adopted this tradition!


Kieselstein Cord
Sterling and Leather Beauty

Other leather treasures include an assortment of beautiful belts made of the softest leather and trimmed and adorned with sterling silver. Kieselstein Cord, Tiffany and Valentino are among the designers currently represented.   


Let's not forget the wildly different styles, cuts and colors of leather and suede jackets and coats that we are showing. 

Custom Detailed Cavalli

Many from top designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Roberto Cavalli, Jill Sander, LucaLuca, St. John and others.

Luca Luca
 Leather Pleats

Most of these items are perfect for Floridians as they are lightweight and can be worn here year-round.  For those who travel, these are stylish and comfortable pieces that don't wrinkle and provide an upbeat and fashionable statement.  



Elegant Chloe



Nothing makes a statement more than a woman gliding into a room in a beautiful, elegant gown. That first fetching look of a fair and graceful lady in a heavenly gown - it's just hard to describe.  Young or older, thin or blessed with a fuller figure, tall or short, blond or not, every woman is a queen in a gorgeous gown. It's all in one's attitude, bearing and character that transforms a simple (or sexy) long dress into a special instrument that will forever flatter the woman wearing the gown.   




We currently have collected a tremendous assortment of gowns in all sizes....from 2 and 4's to size 16. 

Lovely in Lavender 

Whether you prefer beaded, bows, ball skirts, slinky and sexy, sleeves, strapless, one shoulder, ruched, silk, jersey, velvet or sequins, we can accommodate the most discerning gal.  Choose from labels such as Emanuel Ungaro, St. John, Valentino, Escada, Carmen Marc Valvo, Badgley Mishka and so many others.  We are getting pieces in all the time, so if you don't find what you want...give us another try in a day or so!  New pieces arrive constantly especially at this time of year!




 From our family to yours!! 


L to R: Dove, Elaine, Maryanna, Wendy, Stephanie and Sally (seated).





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