October 2014 


Fabulous Ferragamo

For the first time ever, Classic Collections is having a PRE-SEASON STORE WIDE SALE during October. We are making room for the millions of dollars worth of new fall items we have been collecting all summer for your shopping pleasure.  From October 1-15 ALL existing merchandise is 50% off our previous

resale prices!  This includes clothing, handbags, shoes, accessories, and costume jewelry.  Chanel, Prada, Escada, Gucci, Cavelli, Pucci, Missoni, Jimmy Choo, Manalo Blahnik,Valentino, Burberry and other top luxury brands are included in this very special offering.

Happy in Hannant

Surely, you are going to be impressed and so happy with these deals and steals that you will need to start making room in your closets for all your new finds!  

Prancing in Prada










In September, we launched a redesigned website for all of our shoppers.  We used our time off this summer to redesign the site, have made finding merchandise easier and added new features about fashion, trends, brand history and other interesting topics you didn't realize you couldn't live without!  


If you haven't had a chance, take a gander at our new website design at www.classiccollectionsofpalmbeach.com. We always appreciate feedback, so if you have any comments or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you! Just send an email to: info@classiccollectionsofpalmbeach.com 


Thanks to Shambi Broome, of JMB Designs, for a fabulous and professional web site design job. 



Never before have we had the quality and quantity of luxury designer merchandise to open our season as we do this year.  Already, some of the items are on our website, but here's a sample of our new goodies:




Created in 1984 by Hermes designer Jean-Louis Dumas for 70's femme-fatale actress Jane Birkin, the Birkin 35 is one of the most desired Hermes handbags. A coveted must-have, it is, as Birkin herself asserted, the only bag you will ever need!
Featuring the intricate Birkin croix clasp, lock and key security and Hermes' signature cousu sellier stitching,  the bottom is protected by four round metal feet and is reinforced by double leather straps.


 We have several Hermes Birkin 35cm for your pleasure and are expecting many more!



Hermès Birkin 35 blue sapphire clemence leather handbag in true blue is beautifully crafted of veau crispe togo calfskin with palladium hardware.


This classic gold Hermes Birkin 35 handbag is finely crafted of veau epsom calfskin with golden hardware.

Hermes Birkin 35 hand bag in blue jean is beautifully crafted of veau crispe togo calfskin with palladium hardware.



Alluring Alaia

Collectible Chanel

With a plethora of couture dresses, jackets, suits and cocktail attire, we have for your fashion pleasure a number of runway items from Alaia, Marchesa, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Prada, Christian Dior, Gucci and others. 




Gorgeous Gucci 


A variety from the top shoe designers world-wide is exhibited in our fall collection.  From Robert Clergerie to Chanel to Prada to Dior, we have an enormous selection of new, exciting footware that just shouts Fall!





Hermes Heritage

Nothing jazzes up an outfit like a marvelous, colorful scarf.  Whether it's worn to help keep you warm, show off an outfit, or BE the focus of the outfit, any fashionista worth her AMEX  can spot a Pucci, Hermes, Chanel or Etro scarf at 200 yards!  

Tied on your neck, to a handbag strap, wound around your head, worn draped over the shoulder or wound around your wrist, there is a wonderful variety of the top designers to choose from for the fall and winter season!  

Perfect in Pucci


               FASHION EVENTS!            


This season, Classic Collections is going to be featured in several publications as well as hosting a number of fashion shows and educational get-togethers for our consignors, customers and those interested in the world of consignment and resale.  


From full-blown runway shows to a series of educational seminars on topics such as estate jewelry, closet and wardrobe editing, clothes, shoes and handbag maintenance to the art of consignment shopping, we will be offering the latest information from experts in each field.   Stay tuned for scheduled events!  



                       DOES IT REALLY MATTER?           


We see the information blasted in various media by the luxury designers for

the fashion weeks in New York, Milan, Paris etc. and just have to ask...does

this display of exorbitance really mean anything to the average woman?  Sure,

it's amusing to react to the absurd Dior shoes, the incredibly expensive Chanel Dress, the

latest inspiration from Louis Vuitton, the "what were they thinking" designs by Valentino, Cavalli, Fendi, Etro and so many others.  


Disturbing Dior
But, really, how many of us are going to rush out for these often outrageous

items?  Aside from the fact that much of the clothing would never fit 99% of

the American population and the heights of the heels demand Cirque du Soleil

acrobatic abilities, the cost alone requires the salary and bonus of an exceedingly 

successful hedge fund manager!  While practicality will most 

likely reign supreme, we wonder if our inner fashionista pictures us sashaying 

down 5th Avenue in these outfits stopping traffic with our glamour and style?



Do we envision popping into a South Beach club at midnight and making a

BeyoncĂ© entrance with paparazzi snapping shots?  Do we have that secret desire

to walk into the fanciest private club in town and have every man's eyes track

your progress up to the bar? 


Well, maybe we do have those marvelous fantasies but reality is such a tough master!  Let's look and say how fabulous that would look, but get a grip and  

keep a close eye on your credit cards.  


Don't forget, the fashion must haves

of this very moment will most likely be in a consignment shop soon!


Always Classic



Why do people consign?  It's interesting how different folks look at the topic.  Some people want to make money on items that they don't or can't use 

any longer.  Others have reached the storage limits in their closets...and 

probably their husband's closets too!  Many generous souls will donate items 

to charity, but just can't swallow "giving" away a really expensive item. 

Cut Closet Clutter!


Sometimes, families are left with disposing of items in an estate.  Empty

nesters sell big houses and move into cozy condos.  Career gals retire and never want to dress for success again.  Bodies go through a morphing process and it seems will never be "that size" again.  Habits, husbands, hobbies change.  Whatever the reason, the consignnment process offers a way to recoup some of your fashion expenses, edit your belongings, revise your look and move fashionably forward!


We at Classic Collections do not judge...we are happy to meet and help you sort out your treasures.  We have seen and heard it all and if you have luxury women's merchandise that

is new or in excellent condition, we'd LOVE to meet you! 





Whether you loved her or not, Joan Rivers was a unique, energetic, wildly outrageous tough cookie who never ceased to amaze us! Through all of life's highs and lows, this creative and inventive genius showed a spirit of determination, resilience and tenacity that was truly amazing.  This iconic and groundbreaking comedienne, not to mention THE original and stunning fashionista who ruled Fashion Police with an iron wit, will be missed!   




Elegant Escada



It's never too early to look and we have assembled the largest collection we have ever had of designer gowns, cocktail and party dresses for the upcoming season.  Beginning in November, we will be featuring designers such as Marchesa, YSL, Badgley Mishka, Escada, Oscar de la Renta, Zola Keller, Mui Mui, Christian Dior, Valentino, Roberto Cavalli and many others.  Whether you prefer sequins beads and embellishments, feathers, embroidered lace, velvet, silk or satin, the selection is enormous and just in time for all your seasonal festivities!






                    MEET OUR TEAM             


We are pleased to welcome back our wonderful sales associates from a summer of hard-earned fun!  Marianna spent time with family in New England and made several work related trips out west.  Stephanie went back to her old stomping grounds in New Jersey and enjoyed some fine time in New York and Saratoga.  Elaine was a traveling gal-cruises, Aspen, Martha's Vineyard, the poor thing barely had time to unpack and repack  Dove enjoyed her horses and making music with her band and comes back serene with much energy to handle our financial and administrative efforts. 


We are also pleased to have professional photographer, Denise Felice, on call for fashion shows, product shots and all other things that require a steady hand and an artist's point of view. 

Our newest team members are T. J. Fisher and Terry Bowie.  

T.J. Fisher


Terry Bowie 

A New Orleans original, she is a dear friend, client and consignor and has joined our staff as a full-time Sales Associate.  TJ  brings her years of fashion, styling, marketing, writing and event abilities to our team. 

Terry Bowie, who attended Dartmouth, blends his years as a public affairs and financial specialist with his extensive knowledge of fashion, marketing, social media and luxury brands.



Photo Credit:  Davidoff Studios


Finally, Sally Kimball, owner, has had the summer to enjoy some traveling, shopping (always!) and rest up and develop new and creative sources for the luxury merchandise that we stock.  We developed our new website over the summer and Sally predicts that we,"will be moving deeper into the social media world with blogs, fashion shows, learning lectures and other fun events!"


We welcome you back and can't wait to visit with you! 


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