APRIL 2015 


Sally Kimball in Louis Vuitton!


Oh, yes, indeed, we are up to our assets in all things with pre-owned Louis!  Stunning pieces-new and old-have been pouring into Classic Collections to join an already impressive stock of Louis Vuitton items that we have been collecting for your pleasure.  This wonderful event continues until the end of June and it's a great opportunity to empty your closets, garages and storage units of that LV loot that you no longer wear or use.  



Believe us, there are folks out there who have the most impressive and unique ideas of how to re-utilize some of these older, vintage LV pieces.  A couple of years ago, a gentleman came in and bought two fairly beat-up soft sided large suitcases.  He came back the next year with pictures of a complete set of golf club covers that he had made!  Told us he NEVER went on a course anywhere in the world where they weren't a hit-and he was swamped with women wanting to know his LV secret!  Smart fellow!


For your pleasure, please use the following link to read an article from the Palm Beach Daily News!  All About Louis




Classic Costume Cache! 


We have just received one of the biggest caches of branded, vintage  and current costume jewelry that we have ever had the pleasure to curate!  Downsizing a big home certainly can provide us opportunities and our good fortune can be passed along to those of you who could spend hour upon hour going through these treasures. 




First up, the vintage Chanel pieces that will have you drooling.  Not just for the fashionable, these pieces are truly collectable items for those Chanel-o-holics who may have never seen some of these items in person! 


Chanel Coat of Arms Necklace
Classic Coco Crest!

Picture on your neck this stunning, stamped and signed 7 disc medallion choker that sports the Chanel Coat of Arms and was made for the runway sometime in the mid-1980's.  Or, perhaps, the incredible 7-strand green Gripoix necklace, named after the Chanel designer who created the special, treated glass!


Chanel Gripoix Glass Bead Necklace
Glorious Green Gripoix




Perhaps you prefer the matching signed big Chanel cuffs studded with signature Gripoix that were made to be worn together and were made for the runway in the 1980s?


Classic Coco Cuffs!





Kenneth J. Lane himself would most likely need medical attention were he to have a look through the treasures we have assembled for your pleasure!  





Captivating Kenneth!

We have several brooch and 

matching earring sets as well as impossible-to-find statement necklaces! 


With an array of other brands from Ciner, Nolan Miller, Christian Dior, Helga Wagner and others, it is a certainty that you will find some treasures just for you---or someone you love!




Hermes 150th Anniversary Carre
"Feux d'Artifice"


We are pleased to present one of the largest collections of Hermes scarves that we have had in a long time. Oh yes, those April breezes will flutter through these treasures and show the world how chic and classical you are with those brilliant designs wrapped around your neck, adorning your purses or--even possibly-covering your hair should there be an April shower or two (think Queen Elizabeth, Grace Kelly, Sharon Stone, Lady Gaga)!


As all fashionistas worth their American Express cards may know, the Hermes scarf was introduced by the House of Hermes in 1937 and it was a print of white-wigged ladies playing a popular period game and it was named "Jeu des Omnibus et Dames Blanches."


"Regina" Reigns 

When scarf production first began, the company was 100 years old and a dedicated scarf factory was established in Lyon, France.  Hermes controlled the production of it's scarves from beginning to end, purchasing raw Chinese silk, spinning it into yarn and then weaving it into a finished fabric that was twice as strong and heavy as most scarves were available at that time. 


Hermes Paradaiza
Hand-Stitched Hermes!

Over the decades, Hermes scarf designers spend years creating new patterns that are individually screen-printed and since 1937 over 2,000 unique designs have been created.  Choosing from  

over 70,000 different colors, the scarves weigh 65 grams and are woven from the silk of 250 mulberry moth cocoons.  The average size of the scarves measures 90 cm x 90 cm and all of the hems are hand-stitched. 


Hermes Cavaliers Arabes
"Cavalier Arabes!"
While scarf themes are vast, the horse motif is especially popular and famous.  However, two 

silk collections are released each year, along with some reprints of limited editions and older designs.  There are only two collections released per year in a Cashmere and silk blend and these scarves often are made in the larger format measuring 140 cm x 140 cm.


"La Legende du Poissons Corail"
in Cashmere and Silk!




It is reported that an Hermes scarf is sold somewhere in the world EVERY 25 SECONDS!


Better hurry in to make up your quota!!!!



K-9 Battle Buddies

As most of you know, Classic Collections is a proud supporter and sponsor of the American Humane Association.  Over the years, we have actively endorsed many of their programs and raised money for their efforts in rescuing animals, setting up rescue vehicles, bringing attention to the Human/Dog bond in medical research and other important issues. We have become extremely committed to honoring the dogs that have been sent to war and conflict zones by our military to aid and assist our troops in safely navigating dangerous territories and bringing our people home safely.


A new initiative, K-9 Battle Buddies, has been developed to bring these wonderful dogs back to American soil and re-unite them with their handlers who adopt them forever.  Many of these dogs are often left in war zones (dogs are considered "equipment" by the military) and because of their age or the red tape in terms of bringing them out, are simply left to survive as best they can-with no home, food, shelter.


Sally and The Caceres
Sally Kimball, The Caceres, and Fieldy!

AHA has raised awareness of this plight and has, with the help of local activist, Lois Pope and her LIFE organization, taken this issue to Congress to develop a system where these brave animals are brought home to be reunited with their former handlers and have a "forever" family.  


We are extremely proud to have sponsored Nick Caceres and his family's adoption of his military dog, Fieldy.  This wonderful black Labrador hero worked with Nick in two tours of Afghanistan and, 

Welcome Home, Fieldy!

while it took 3 years to bring him home, was finally reunited with Nick.


Nick credits Fieldy with saving the lives of his platoon throughout hideous conditions and, as a soldier suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), says he owes Fieldy his future for bringing him through difficult post-military medical issues.  Congratulations to all!




What can evoke thoughts of Spring as much as a lovely raffia handbag, straw clutch, woven tote or marvelous lattice, wide brimmed straw hat?


Stacked Spring Straw Chapeaus!

We have a wide variety of straw and raffia handbags by designers such as AsiaPhile, Eric Javits, Lulu, Kaminski, Forests World and Glorinaha Paranaqua and Lotus.  Be on the lookout for more straws as Spring events start up!  Kentucky Derby anyone? 


Simply Stunning Straws!



Sally (Old Bag?) and
Cameron Neth!

Classic Collections is proud to be a supporter of The Center for Family Services of Palm Beach County.  Each year this extraordinary charity provides emergency shelter for abused or homeless families with children in our area.  A gala luncheon is held to raise money for this effort and individuals, companies, retail stores and other charities donate "Old Handbags" which are sold prior to the luncheon.  This year the guest speaker was Dame Joan Collins and over 400 hundred handbags were available for sale!  


We were so pleased and happy to donate some of our handbags for this fine and so necessary charity!


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For Sally, Spring Has Sprung!
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