AUGUST 2015 



We Have Coco Chanel to Thank for the LBD!
Really, what says versatile, classy and perfect for any occasion better than a Little Black Dress?  For those of you still living in the dark ages, that translates to the LBD (whether you twitter or not)!  

Fortunately, Classic Collections is awash with some of the best selections of LBDs around!  Sporting designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Roberto Cavalli, Prada, Armani, Valentino, Zang Toi, Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton and Oscar de la Renta, we have the latest in high quality fashions to help you through the summer for all occasions.  From silk to jersey to cotton to fabrics with a touch of spandex or lycra, the selection allows you to always look fabulous with a minimum of stress!  So come and shop, pack that LBD and travel the world this summer!

Chloe in Oscar de la Renta!


One of the best features of the LBD is your ability to make it look different with a variety of accessories and a touch of imagination.  Anything from a nice chain belt, Chanel pearls or brooch, cashmere and silk shawl, sparkling necklace, classic silk scarf to high-end designer boots, zippy little flats or jewel embellished stilettos can transform that LBD from day to night to "special evening" in a minute! 


Jessie in Herve Leger!

I recently went to Abu Dhabi and Dubai on a Fashion Trip to find some extraordinary luxury merchandise for Classic Collections.  Following the above sage advice, I brought along a wonderful Donna Karen black jersey dress and a totally different styled Roberto Cavalli lycra and spandex LBD.  

To adhere to local customs, I packed two very differently styled dresses - yet both had long sleeves, below the knee hems and no low necklines or sexy cutouts.  Both were easily washable and needed no pressing.  Fabulous travel pieces!  With that in mind, I packed several silk Hermes scarves, chunky silver jewelry, colorful coral, topaz, turquoise and jade necklaces and earrings, lots of gold bangles and earrings and all kinds of pearl pieces that looked marvelous day or night.  With the addition of various wide belts with outrageous buckles and a GIGANTIC assortment of colorful shoes, sandals and matching purses, I had the equivalent of probably 20 outfits.

Sally in "Almost LBD!"


The upshot of this creative planning is that I was told I looked really good and managed to be respectful of the local customs.  The downside is that all of the jewelry, shoes, purses and other accessories weighed SO MUCH that I could have packed 20 dresses and only 2 pairs of shoes and worn pearls with everything and NOT have incurred a tremendous luggage weight penalty!!!  So go figure...LBD's can be really helpful when traveling, but one MUST contain those "fashionista urges" and pack accessories with some degree of control! 




We are very excited that we have forged alliances with several fine jewelry dealers that are searching for unusual and luxury branded pieces for Classic Collections.  Some of these pieces are in the shop now, and the rest will be available in season 
as well as on 1stdibs starting this week.   

From 18K gold and diamond 
Chopard watches to custom made bracelets and unusual SeidenGang brooches and pendants, we are upping our variety and quality of fine jewelry for your pleasure. A simply divine selection awaits!  This season, we will also offer fine jewelry repair and certified appraisals on fine jewelry for a small fee.  
Resplendent Rubies Diamonds and Pearls!

Bold, Beautiful and Brilliant Bvlgari!

Elegant Emeralds Diamonds and Pearls!


Summertime, and the beach cover-ups are easy...and beautiful! We have an enormous abundance of wonderful coverups this summer for your pleasure.  Light, airy, washable and colorful, these can take you from the beach to Publix to running errands in the hot summer breezes.  With brands such as Roberto Cavalli, Comelli, Barbara Gerwit and 


the quintessential Palm Beacher, Lily Pulitzer!  We are offering these gems at 30% off in the shop!  Buy two and get the third one at 50% off!  Unbelievable savings on some of the most desired beachwear!
Missoni Melange!

We have been inundated with new and barely worn summer shoes!  Sporting designr names such as Missoni, Chanel, Manolo Blahnik, and Giuseppe Zanotti we have all summer colors, sizes and styles just for you.  Most are ballet flats, kitten heeled sandals or regular flat sandals, with a sprinkling of high-heeled, open summer styles.  So...step in (or shall we say slide in?) and see how we can spruce up those gorgeous tootsies of yours! 

Glittering Giuseppe!
Courageous Coco!
Brazen Blahnik!


Beginning this week, we will be running banner ads at the bottom of each page of the Fashion Newest Arrivals and Fine Jewelry Newest Arrivals on 1stdibs.  These ads will be changing over the next few months every other week; we are hoping that you will take a peek at them!  

 Please don't forget to mark us - in BOTH categories - as "Favorite Dealer"!  This helps propel us into the first pages of the newest arrivals each week and gives our consignors' special treasures much greater exposure.  We are loving our relationship with this world-famous luxury website and have had tremendous success with them for our consignors!

Luxurious Louis Green Wide Brim Hat!

Since their invention in 1529, hats for women have been status symbols, uniforms and fashion statements.  In fact, the word "milliner" which was a maker of women's hats, referred to the products made around Milan and the northern Italian regions which were famous for their straw, ribbon, leather, velvet and tulle creations.

Scandalous Scarlet

Who can forget Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind, in the bonnets and wide brimmed hats that boasted ribbons, feathers and veils?  

Or the stunning opening shot of Kate Winslet emerging from a limo at the beginning of the movie Titanic, in the most elegant and lavish hat?

Courageous Kate!



Well, we are extremely delighted to have an incredibly wide variety of new hats and fascinators in our fashion collection!  With a nod to the brimmed style hats, we have creations from such designers as Patricia Underwood, Marzi of Florence, Eric Javitz, and Frank Olive.  With straw and tulle confections, flowers and feathers, these chapeaus will have your fashionista heart beating!  

Captivating Kate!

While the women's fashion hat industry took a beating in the mid to late 1900's, it rose again to prominence with a revival and interest in woman's millinery.  Prompted by prominent fashion public figures such as the late

Beastly Beatrice!

Princess of Wales, to the current Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, to Lady Gaga, Sara Jessica Parker, Taylor Swift, Rihanna and of course, the

Ludicrous Lady Gaga!

Kardashians (including the newest addition, Caitlyn), it looks like hats have entered historical period of tremendous innovation, whimsy and diversity!




Jessie Kimball, Sally Kimball, Chloe Kimball


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