MARCH 2015 


Ravishing Roger Jean-Pierre
Pearls and Rhinestones


Nothing can clear away those Winter blahs than some fun, zingy and big, colorful jewelry that reminds us that Spring really and truly is around the corner and we are almost there!


We have the most marvelous selection of chunky, bright and different jewelry than we have been fortunate to offer in a long time.  While we love to treat our customers to our fine jewelry wares, sometimes it's just a kick to spend a little bit on something that makes you smile and is different than that which you would regularly choose!


Travel in "Worry-Free" Fashion!


Three Distinctly Different Looks

An understated spray of Pear Shape cubic zirconias.  Add the "Oprah Signature" Pear Shape drops for drama or the CZ capped pearls for stylish elegance!  


Sport Your "Heirlooms"!

Citrine, Peridot, Amethyst, and Diamonds?  NO!  But look "like a million bucks" for $195!



"Little Red" in
Scarlett Red!

Oh yes, Miss Scarlett, we certainly do have some fancy and beguiling gowns for your Spring pleasure!  With Old Man Winter at our backs it's time to look at the colorful, fanciful and charming silhouettes of spring gowns and evening dresses.  Sherbert colored, silky, flowing chiffon, diaphanous fabrics, plunging necklines and backs and....let's not forget the embellishments, feathers, sequins, petals and laces that will be the hit of any spring gown parade!  


We can't promise a couture gown

Fabulous Feathers!

made of 65,000 pearls (which by now is probably 6500 necklaces), but we can deliver on an incredible selection of custom designed, truly unique confections that will make heads turn.  


Rapturous Ruffles!


Whether it's an event at Mar-a-Lago, an early wedding, a special evening at the Opera or a charity affair that demands the best of the best in fashion,  we can help you achieve a remarkable outfit and complete the look with shoes, evening bag, jewelry and wrap!



Luxurious Louis 
From Floor to Ceiling!


Certainly, one of the most enjoyable events we sponsor each year is our Annual Louis-Vuitton-A-Thon where we openly solicit our consignors to bring us unused or forgotten pieces of authentic, pre-owned Louis Vuitton luggage, handbags, accessories, small leather pieces, and clothing, scarves and briefcases.



We always wind up with items that we have never seen before, from giant 100 year old custom trunks to coveted, limited edition Sharon Stone Vanity Cases.  Purses, wallets, key rings, Ipad cases, luggage, valet sleeves, scarves, daytimers, dob kits, briefcases, belts, shoes, books....we are awash with all things Louis and we LOVE it!  


Sharon Stone Louis Vuitton Vanity Case 


We will begin accepting items throughout the month of March and our pre-owned Louis Vuitton-A-Thon will begin on Wednesday, April 1st.  No fooling around, this is a terrific, popular event and one you will not want to miss!




Classic Coco Carries On!


We have been fortunate to host several Lunch and Learn Lectures this season on "Fashion Consignment", "Buying and Selling Estate Jewelry" and have a new one coming up on "Handbags-History, Heritage and How and Why We LOVE Them".  Certainly, women are drawn to luxury, designer handbags like butterflies to sunshine or husbands to Home Depot.  More information to come!


Brilliant Bvlgari!

Luxurious Louis!

Glorious Goyard!




American Human Association Honoring K-9 Battle Buddies!

If you are not already aware of the efforts that the American Humane Association makes towards the dogs that protect and assist our service people in war and conflict regions, then we would like to share this incredible mission with you.

Basically, when our military pulls out of a war or conflict zone, often times our military service dogs...who have saved thousands of our soldiers lives...are left behind since they are considered  equipment".  Yes, just like a file cabinet or old jeep that isn't worth bringing back to the United States. 


The American Humane Association has successfully put into place a Program called Honoring K-9 Battle Buddies, which cuts through the

Honoring American Heroes at Both Ends of the Leash!
bureaucratic red tape and brings these loyal hero dogs back to the US and reunites them with their soldier handlers and their families who adopt these forgotten dog heroes and give them a "forever" home.  This is one of the most compelling and recognized programs of the AHA and we at Classic Collections support it with our hearts, minds and souls.  Look for pictures from the event that will be held on March 17 at the Mar-a-Lago Club honoring American Heroes-At Both Ends of the Leash!  If you would like to attend, space is still available; tickets are $300 and for information call Leon Muskin at 561-398-1252.  


Oh my, the wonder and simplicity of a beautiful silk scarf with a custom design by a true artist sponsored by Hermes, Chanel, Ferragamo, Missoni, Pucci or so many others!!


After such a dreary winter, where scarves were big old wooly things designed to keep your throat warm and your nose from falling off, it is so refreshing to see these beautiful confections popping up like tulips and daffodils in the snow!


The colors, fabrics, designs, and whimsical patterns evoke a feeling of renewal, hope and fresh fashion feelings coming into possible....hold the thought....Spring!





Hermes Heritage!

Did you ever wonder how or, more importantly, who creates those marvelous, whimsical, much- coveted scarves that the Paris-based luxury company, Hermes produces?


Known for their unique designs, brilliant or purposely muted colors, made of the finest silk with hand rolled, stitched edges, these pieces of art have been brought to us since 1937.


In The Wall Street Journal, "Every Scarf Has

Hermes "Joys of Winter"

a Story", reporter Christina Binkley details the origin and current creative process of the Hermes scarf.  She tell us that more than 2,000 Hermes scarf designs exist (not all have been produced yet!) and that "every scarf has a tale".  These scarves tell stories and are created by approximately 50 freelance artists from around the world.  From graphic designers, children's book illustrators,

Hermes Designer
Ljubomir Milinkov 

independent artists and ordinary people who draw as a hobby, Hermes chooses designs with the goal of producing 20 new scarf designs per year.  The luxury house then uses these design patterns throughout its collections of clothing, accessories and housewares. 


The production of the scarves is complex.  Once a design is accepted, it goes into the Hermes workshops where it takes almost 18 months to produce a scarf design.  According to Binkley, "Engravers take six months to determine each scarf's colors. 

The average number of colors in an Hermes scarf is 27.  After a painstaking printing process-it takes 750 hours on average to engrave the screens for printing each design-the scarves are cut from lengths of cloth and hand-rolled with tiny stitches around the edges." 

While the typical Hermes scarf costs around $435 and much more for larger or limited edition pieces, Classic Collections has a constantly revolving inventory of these beauties and the 36" square scarf is very reasonably priced at $395.  While Hermes scarves have long lives, sometimes it's fun to let go of part of your collection so you can buy a selection of the new ones!  Call us and we will be delighted to help you!


Beautiful "Brides de Gala"!


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