Blooming Burmese Ruby and Diamond Flower Brooch!
Who can resist the beauty, the power, the boldness, the strength of that marvelous color RED?  Certainly not men!  Results of a
Captivating Carolina Herrera!
008 study by the University of Rochester found that RED ON WOMEN DRIVES MEN WILD!  According to the study, RED made women more attractive and sexually desirable and men became more attentive, amorous and (gasp) generous!  Who knew?
Ravishing Red 
Oscar de la Renta!

Certainly, in most cultures RED is the symbol of passion, love, beauty, courage, loyalty honor and success.  In short, RED GETS YOU NOTICED!  Whether it's the delightful "Little Red Dress", a regal gown worn to the Red Cross Ball, a bold Burberry
Hermes Heritage!
Rouge Vif Birkin 35
raincoat, a stunning He
rmes Birkin Bag, a plush and yummy cashmere scarf, perky red sunglasses or a stunning ruby and diamond brooch, the color red inevitably provokes the strongest reaction of all colors.  (This even works in nature-although it has more to do with fruits, flowers and animals than shoes!) 

Hermes "Esprit Ainou" Giant Red Scarf!
it looks great on everyone.  It can be worn full out-with a daring,
Nicholas Kirkwood Red Heels with Red Rose!
authoritative "Here I Am" look, or it can be used with a more subtle and playful confidence-the peek of the red soles flashing as you walk, a hint of red at the waist with a fabulous belt, a cinnabar or red coral necklace or earrings or the pop of a patterned red scarf.    So, ladies, it's time to find your "Inner RED" and wear it proudly...and, by the way, it's a color that truly looks good in all seasons!!!

Brilliant Burberry Raincoat!

Chanel Crystal Bow Cuff!
We have had the most wonderful influx of clothing, scarves, fine and costume jewelry, handbags and shoes from the House of Chanel in the past month!

Without a doubt, we have enough quality Chanel merchandise to have set up a VIP "Chanel Room" replete with two cases of Coco!  

Copious Coco Chanel Classics! 

Our Chanel clothing ranges from coats, day dresses, tweed suits and jackets, fabulous sweaters, flirty blouses, and marvelous scarves.  

Chanel Room3
Classic Chanel Jackets
Sweaters and Shoes!

Our selection of accessories and costume jewelry is unbelievable!  The jewelry ranges from classic necklaces, brooches, earrings, bracelets and, of course, the silk Camellia pins! 

Chanel Enameled 
Camellia Pin With Crystals!

Chanel Gripoix Necklace With Double "C" Logo

Chanel Gripoix and "Pearl" Maltese Cross Brooch!

The assortment of belts is wonderful with the classic chain belts with gold toned chains and black leather to the more unusual silver toned belts with black "jewels" and Chanel medallions.  We also have 2 Chanel Premiere watches-one costume and one crafted from exquisite 18K gold!  

The shoe selection is marvelous, ranging from the classic two-tone "cap toe" shoes, to boots, flats, business heels and quirky spring sandals that only the House of Chanel could design! 

Needless to say, our Chanel handbag offerings grow each day as our loyal consignors bring us their Chanel treasures!  From evening bags to daytime purses to backpacks, we have a wide variety of classic Chanel bags to choose from!  

'Tis hard to be happy that it's winter when you are experiencing the kind of storms that hit most of the country in January with 2 to 3 feet of snow.  It's difficult to be excited by a magical snow storm when you can't get to your car, have days of shoveling snow in front of you and are wearing old parkas and galoshes and thermal underwear.  So NOT stylish!

We are here to perk up your winter with some wonderful merchandise to bring out your inner "Fashionista" during these winter days.


It is simply impossible not to imagine wrapping yourself in one of the  beautiful furs that we currently have in inventory.  

From black shearling with pearlized leather to full length sheared red beaver coats to full length mink trimmed with sable... 

Joop! Chinchilla and Wool Coat!
Rapturous Red 
Sheared Beaver!

Magnificent Mink and Stunning Sable! jackets of varying length, we have an enormous selection that rivals Saks or Neiman's!  

Sumptuous and Supreme
Somper Furs Mink!

Mary McFadden Mink!

Stunning Saga Furs
Leopard Print Mink!

With brands such as Revillon, Yves St. Laurant, Badgley Mishka and more, we are offering mink, sable, fox, raccoon, beaver, chinchilla, shearling, rabbit, lynx, and other exotic furs.  

The wonderful news for our customers is that we have almost every fur on sale right now featuring impressive discounts!  We offer domestic shipping and can help you with storage if you are local.


Okay, even down in Florida, we love to wear boots during the winter.  With designer boots from Chanel, Prada, Gucci, and Azzedine Alaia, we have a terrific variety for you to choose from!  

Chanel "Yeti" Shooties With Iceberg Heel!

Alaia Leopard Print
Calf Hair Boots!

Prada 2008 
Fairy Shooties!

No, you are not reading this wrong!  We are having a Hermes Birkin sale just for you this month.  We have a wonderful selection of Birkin 35's, Birkin 40's and one Kelly 50 for those who like to travel with this marvelous piece as a carryon! 

Hermes Kelly Traveler 50 
This is the first time we have ever had a Birkin sale and we are discounting these coveted purses from 10% to 25%.  The colors we currently have are black, red, light blue, and we are expecting more in during the 
month of February.

Hermes Black Togo Birkin 40

Hermes Blue Togo
Birkin 40

Hermes Rouge Vif
Epsom Birkin 35

Last week, I had the privilege of being invited by SCORE of Palm Beach County to discuss the consignment/resale industry and the interesting challenges that it can present to an entrepreneur.  SCORE, as you may know, provides free business mentoring for entrepreneurs, startup and existing small businesses.  The local Palm Beach SCORE is located in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida and has over 60 volunteers ready to help small business succeed in Palm Beach County.  

Penny Pompei, PB SCORE Chapter Chair and Podcast Host, ran the hour-live interview.  It was FUN!  We even got some call-ins!  For those who wish to hear the radio show, please click here and plan to spend about an hour listing in to my first radio show!  Don't worry, Howard Stern, your job is not in jeopardy!  

To hear the entire podcast, please visit our website  and click on the podcast link.  Please note that it is approximately a one hour radio show.  


Classic Collections is pleased to announce a major advertising campaign on YELP!  For all you "YELPERS" out there, we would like to invite you to see our Video and, if you are used to making YELP comments, feel free to chime in!


Happy Valentine's Day!!

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