JUNE 2018 

Beach Scene
Paradise Pleasures!

This time of year is so enticing to our all of our senses.  We feel the air become moist and the sun warms our skin.  Fabulous flowers release their marvelous perfumes and we can smell the ocean's vibrancy.  We hear baby doves cooing and the soft sounds of palm fronds rustling in gentle breezes.  The distinctive taste of summer fruit is so refreshing and that first bite of golden corn on the cob is delightful!

But of all of our senses, the profound joy of seeing the bright and joyful colors of nature's kaleidoscope...the flowering gardens, the different blues of the ocean, the wild array of hues of the birds, flowers and sun dappled vegetables really makes us focus on color.  

Which brings us, of course, to the riotous colors of SUMMER FASHION!  Gone are the winter drabs, the dusky grays, the earthy browns and the black, black, black.  It's time to celebrate with COLOR and let it tune us up for the wonderful summer ahead!  So, this newsletter celebrates the colors of summer in all of their glory...from a fashion point of view!


From the luscious ripe raspberry color to the most ethereal blush to the most 
neon fuschia, we can accommodate your pink vibes!  Consider the stunning Dior fuschia cocktail dress that is elegant, simple and the most luscious color.  How about the bright pink Chanel flap handbag?  
Let's not forget the jewelry!  Do 
precious pink opera strand pearls whet your appetite for fun in the sun?  Perhaps pink s
apphire and diamond floral design hoop earrings will be the finishing touch?

Chanel Limited Edition Metallic Pink Flap Bag!

Pink Pearls

Pink Sapphires

Dolce & Gabbana

Christian Louboutin Pink Satin Evening Bag!


Iradj Moini
How to decide between lovely lime, forest green, pale baby lettuce, wild 
chartreuse or freshly mowed grass?  We have such a variety great green fashions for your summer pleasure!  



No outfit would be complete without some beautiful jewelry.  From our carefully curated fine jewelry collection, consider green enamel, peridot and, of course, emeralds!  

 Cabochon Emerald Diamond Ring 

Peridot Diamond and Tsavorite Ring

Webb Enamel Ruby Gold Frog Brooch

Lana Marks
Midnight Blue Lizard Bag!
Whether you are looking for swimming pool turquoise, high tide navy, perfect summer sky blue or the aquamarine of fine jewelry, we have a bounteous bevy of blue merchandise for your summer days and nights.  

Consider the variety of dresses that make up the blue rainbow!

And who can ignore the fine jewels that are radiant in blue?

Tanzanite and Diamond 18 Karat White Gold Earrings
From blue topaz to the deep, mysterious navy of sapphires to brilliant and bright tanzanite, Classic Collections consistently acquires blue jewelry of all varieties because it is our best selling color!

Blue Topaz Sapphire Diamond Ring
Sapphire Diamond Bracelet
Aquamarine White Diamond Ring

We also have a wide range of blue-based costume jewelry for your pleasure!


Hermes Equestrian Inspired Beach Towel

This happy color is well represented in our boutique from the palest of cantaloupes to the brightness of Florida oranges to the burnished hue of the setting sun. Orange Decisions can be made at Classic Collections with our various handbags, dresses, gowns, jewelry and accessories. Orangen't you glad you asked?


Whether you prefer that bright pop of a floral mandarin orange summer soiree gown, the tangerine Fendi "Croissant Bag", or Versace's vibrant vermilion print top, we have a wide array of orange merchandise for your pleasure!  

Consider this fabulous bold orange necklace or the beautiful coral pieces that brighten any outfit. 

Tumbled Citrine Necklace Zirconia Beaded Spacers
Julia Boss 18K Florentine Coral Diamond Earrings 

Julia Boss Coral Diamond Flower Brooch Necklace 
Prefer the "Bold and the Beautiful"?  how about these stunning pierced earrings?  

Palmeira Cabochon Orange Citrine Topaz Gold Earrings

And let's not forget jackets, day dresses and limited edition bags that celebrate orange as the perfect accent color. 

Marc Jacobs


Lela Rose

Love Alex Neon Yellow Pony Hair Python Large Tote Bag

Light as lemon meringue, deep as German beer, wild as Blondie's hair and as warm as the butter dripping off lobster, we have the most interesting array of yellow fashions and jewelry for your pleasure!
Oscar de la Renta

Edie Parker

Dresses, jackets, handbags and jewelry abounds 
in this special color.   

Yellow Citrine Ring
From sunshine to dijon to gold we have the perfect 
shade for everyone!

Ippolita Citrine Ring
Alexander McQueen


Chanel Garden Charm 2.55 Double Flap
White & Black Tweed Shoulder Bag

Perhaps the most wonderful color of all is white...the color produced by the combination of all the colors of the visible spectrum. What defines a summer day more than fluffy white clouds, dripping vanilla ice cream cones, the froth of a breaking wave, the gardenia's blossoms, the radiant bride walking down the aisle in billowing white?
This fabulous non-color sets off a tan, complements every other color and is fresh, unfettered and has thousands of hues! (surely you know that if you have ever tried to decide which color of white to paint your house!)
We have a wide selection of white fashions to start your summer off in perfect order!

First up, a superior selection of dresses 
for your summer pleasure. 


The perfect white blouse is often hard to find!  We are fortunate to have a bevy of beautiful tops that make the angels sing!  


Oscar de la Renta
Next, we have a variety of handbags to complement any outfit you may wear.  The beauty of white is that it will perk up any solid color and pull together any prints in various colors!  How about these limited edition, highly desired bags?
Miu Miu
Marc Jacobs
And the jewelry-again, it's no mystery why pearls are such a hit with almost every outfit-that velvet white color complements everything...including your skin tone especially when it sports the summer glow of the sun!

Tiffany & Co.!



Alexander Romaer

We are so pleased to welcome our new Director of Photography, Alexander Romaer!

Alex, 29, hails from Kennewick, Washington and has a very varied background in the arts.  He excels at sculpting and carving and is a wonderful painter.  Turning his attention to photography several years ago, Alex has lent a professional and dedicated passion to our team and is now responsible for all of our photos on 1stdibs as well as Instagram.

We are thrilled this Lake Worth resident has joined Classic Collections and are delighted with his work and exceptional talent!


Lois Pope With Heroes at BOTH Ends of the Leash!

It was with great delight that I was invited to Washington DC to the House of Representatives Building by Lois Pope and American Humane to witness Lois Pope, the Founder of LIFE, the Disabled Veteran's Memorial and the Medal of Courage Awards as she honored our nation's heroic military dogs this past month.  What a heartrending moment as the handlers or adopted families brought their brave, dedicated and often wounded dogs up to the stage to receive the well-deserved K-9 Medal of Courage.  These marvelous animals have saved thousands of our soldier's lives and allowed them to come safely home.  

Sally Honors
Our Military Dogs!

At the ceremony many congressmen and women spoke and pledged their continued support for this terrific program and vowed to continue and expand the future care of our heroes on BOTH ends of the leash!  A worthy cause and one that would love your support!  Please contact the LIFE Foundation if you would like to get involved or donate to this wonderful effort. 

Have you just arrived at your summer home in the Hamptons, Aspen, Nantucket, the Cape, North Carolina, the Berkshires or many of the other lovely, elegant summer vacation spots in the U.S. and opened your closet and were speechless?  Yes, we know the feeling, as you have most likely packed or shipped tons of clothing and shoes and accessories to bring for the summer only to find your closets FULL of things you forget you had!

Well, fear not!   Classic Collections is at your rescue!  Yes, since early April, we have been receiving the most marvelous summer items from all points of the globe.  Either you totally changed sizes, forgot the treasures you already had or just are on a new style kick and are awash in fashions you need to move out.  

Simply pack up your designer duds, ship them to us and give us a call to know that treasures are on the way to Classic Collections!  We will let you know when your things arrive and will get everything priced and onto the floor and possibly up on

This is the time of year that we see vacationers starting to arrive at the local luxury hotels for weddings, proms, graduations etc. and believe us, they are always in search of designer clothing and accessories!

So, let us help you clean out those closets and recycle your treasures!


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