MARCH 2018 

Classic Collections is chock full of new to us Chanel jackets, suits, dresses, sweaters, purses and shoes right now!  We are so delighted to see this quantity and quality of chic Chanel merchandise that represents the greatest hits of this epic designer fashion icon!
With the changing trends of fashion swirling around us, one steadfast rule is that a piece of Chanel will always make an outfit quintessentially chic!  Gone are the days when Chanel suits were only worn to "ladies luncheons".  Now, those suit jackets pair beautifully with jeans, leggings, and short, trendy dresses.  Chanel skirts are worn with leather and jeans jackets, pashmina shawls and sexy tops. 
Chanel Tweed Jackets and Coats!

Classic Chanel purses and shoes are worn by every age with everything from teen clothing to classic casual to vintage inspired outfits.  They are the gold standard of a polished fashsionista that can immediately designate any wearer as "with it" matter the occasion.  

Chanel Black Quilted Lambskin Flap Bag

Chanel Classic Ballerina Flats

Chanel Gold Metallic Ice Cube Bag
Of course, we can not discuss Chanel without giving space to the marvelous jewelry that we have accumulated over the past season.  Whether you are looking for a "classic" piece of Chanel jewelry or something special, we can accommodate your wishes! 

Double Strand Pearl Choker With Gripoix

Iconic Gold Tone Clipon Earrings

Chanel Gold Tone Great Gripoix Ring

We also have some lovely silk Chanel scarves to top off an outfit or bring some class to an everyday look. These scarves are made of the finest silk and reflect many of the designs of the House of Chanel over the years.
Treat yourself to a little Chanel indulgence! Right now, some of our Chanel merchandise is 50% off and, believe us, these items will not last!


Just last month I gave a lecture on "Handbags and Shoes and Why We Love Them!" It turns out that many women have just the tiniest bit of an excessive interest in handbags and we discussed how to control the impulse buying of handbags.

Having said that, it still remains a fact that just about every woman is on the hunt for the "perfect" handbag style for her wardrobe.

Handbags-there has been much discussion about whether they are a fashion accessory or a necessary part of a woman's lifestyle! Theoretically a handbag can be both-depending on size, style and color. For instance, in our culture, a "handbag" is a handled medium-to-large bag that is generally used to carry personal items such as a wallet, cosmetics, mobile phone, keys, hairbrush, etc. Many handbag styles offer the same general shape, but come with a shoulder strap-thus freeing the hands to brush said hair, talk on said cell phone and still eat at the same time. 

Hermes Kelly Bordeaux PHW!

LV Black Python Empriente Artsy!

Escada Ostrich Embossed Handbag!
A larger handbag, often with two long handles, is called a tote and typically one can fit almost all of life's necessities in these roomy, bottomless creations.  Often made with interior pockets and zippered compartments, these babies are indispensable to the modern working woman-they hold iPads, flat shoes, bottled water, multiple pairs of  eye and sun glasses, emergency nail repair kits, totally complete makeup and dental supplies and occasionally, the "maybe I'll be gone overnight" change of clothes.  It is definitely deemed dangerous for anyone other than the owner to delve into a tote-you never know the things one might find!  

Chocolate Caiman Crocodile Erica Nancy Gonzalez Tote

Beige Canvas Sequin Beaded Floral Applique Valentino Tote
Of course, there are the beautiful and minimal clutches.  Much smaller than regular purses, and usually rectangular (although we have seen some terrific square and oval shapes), they are often used for dressy evenings and can be made of silk, velvet, crystals, exotic skins and semi-precious gems.  Elegant Palm Beach ladies often carry the exotic skin clutches in a wonderful variety of colors and shapes which, naturally, are then casually laid down on the luncheon table to be admired!  


Beaded  Leather With Gold Tone Crystals
Black Swarovski Crystal Minaudiere 

Red Lizard Jeweled Convertible Clutch 


No matter your preference, loving and owning many, many handbags is NOT a sickness! In fact, in a 2007 study with 1,500 women done in England, the average 30 year old owns 21 handbags and buys a new one every 3 months. This means that over the course of a lifetime, that gal will own 111 bags. Five percent of the group surveyed owed over 100 bags at present and yet, researchers found that typically women use only three handbags on a regular basis. What happens to the other 97? Well, there's several plausible explanations: it's a case of only using a bag to match an outfit, a special occasion, a mood elevator, the desire to hoard because "you never know" or sentiment. One in three of those questioned about their excessive handbag purchases expressed having a guilty conscious.


Well, at Classic Collections, we are here to tell you there is NO guilt! Ladies, if you love handbags and just can't or don't want to deal with the guilt of obsessing over a new purchase, consignment shopping is for you. With a selection of the best of the best in handbags, we offer you the experience of high fashion, affordable prices and the ability to buy three bags to the one you may see at a conventional retail shop. Hermès, Chanel, Nancy Gonzales, Judith Leiber, Burberry, Bottega, Feragamo, Furla, Prada, Gucci, Pucci, Valentino, Escada, Versace and others are continually arriving in our boutique and going right back out again with happy buyers. 

Our consignors have the pleasure of making room in their closets for different handbags and our buyers have the pleasure of obtaining something that at regular retail prices might forever be out of their economic range. And, of course, there is the undeniable high of the hunt and the perfect "FIND"!! Indeed, who hasn't purchased a coveted handbag and sprinted home to ooh and aah over it within your closet-flinging clothes all over the place to find the "perfect" outfit for your new bag? Come on, I know you do...because I do too!! Happy shopping!


This is the month of the year that we offer terrific markdowns on winter clothing, coats, boots, furs and accessories and begin to bring in our spring and lighter weight clothing.

We are offering from 35% to 70 % off on much of our winter stock in 
Classic Collections women's shop as well as in Gentry. With space so scarce, we must move our winter inventory out to accommodate the fabulous spring and summer merchandise our consignors have been bringing in!

Consider that we are offering 50% discount on many of our winter pieces of Chanel that are classic and can be worn for years to come.

Vicuna coats, cashmere sweaters and jackets, wool and angora sweaters, wool tweed dresses, suede vests and jackets, leather coats and jackets for men and women and so many other items.

Pucci Goes Anywhere!

Have you been reading the fashion press lately? Almost every page is chock full of the most wonderful variety of trending spring dresses. Of course, half of the trends come from different eras, so while the styles look vaguely familiar, in an "everything old is new again" mode, you will see rich patterns, checkered spring colors, polka dots, tailored shirtdresses and lavishly draped silks and jerseys. 

Fabulous Fendi!

Dazzling Dior!

Channeling your inner sense of style, you can renew your look with a FABULOUS Pucci print in coral, pink, orange spring frock and dress it up with a bright, colorful handbag and shoe ensemble. 

Valentino Garavani!

Pretty in Pucci!

Hermes Plume Bag!
Why not put on those big, round sunglasses and tie an Hermes scarf around your head a la Grace Kelly?

Her Serene Highness Princess Grace

Looking for something comfortable yet sexy and packable? We have an assortment of dresses from the collections of Roberto Cavalli, Etro, Missoni, Pucci and others. Known for their fine fabrics, interesting, form fitting styles and whimsical and jaunty prints, these designers have cornered the market for fashions that can be dressed up, travel well (think in a tiny, little carry-on) and are flattering to almost all figures! 



Always glamorous, we can't forget the delightful and timeless styles of Pierre Balmain, Galanos, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Marchesa and others. While perhaps out of bounds budget-wise if purchased new, these traditional and classic dresses are affordable and a treasure to find at consignment boutiques. Right now, Classic Collections has an assortment of these designers for your shopping pleasure...but hurry in...they go fast! 


St. John!

Oscar de la Renta!


Just in!! A fun and fabulous collection of Louis Vuitton VIP Games and Gifts! Palladium and Enamel Cube Game, Patéki Wood Puzzle, playing cards, candles, even Mariage Frères tea! All in as new condition, in the original boxes, great for gift giving or to place on your desk for those moments when a stress relieving game sounds fun! 

Louis Vuitton Games and Executive Desk Gifts!

Also, just arrived is a fabulous selection of colorful silk dress and casual shirts in size extra large from exclusive designers such as Versace, Brioni, Galtrucco, Stefano Ricci, Marol, and Battaglia. 

Vintage Versace!

Some of our most popular merchandise are luscious cashmere sweaters in bright Palm Beach colors. We just received a collection of Trillion of Palm Beach and Ralph Lauren cable and plain knit sweaters which have been flying off the shelves!  We have more coming soon, so hurry in or call for availability. 

Cashmere Sweaters in All Colors!

Also, we have brand new dress shirts such as Turnbull & Asser, Peter Millar, Maus & Hoffman, Ralph Lauren and Pink.


If you are a suspender type of guy, you might want to come in and see our fabulous selection of suspenders from such imaginative designers as Trafalgar, Thurston of London, G&S from Germany, Brooks Brothers and others. With leather, suede or alligator fasteners, these beautiful silk and brocade beauties may just be what the gentleman in your life is looking for!


The weather is warming up here in Palm Beach, so to make way for new lighter merchandise for the summer, our winter clothing such as leather, fur, cashmere coats and jackets, wool and cashmere sport coats and suits are on sale for 35% off. Pants are also on sale. Designers include Hermes, Valentino, Versace, Prada, Gucci, Loro Piana, Kiton, and Brioni to name a few. We have a wonderful collection also of tuxedos at 35% off and evening accessories at 20% off.


We still have an impressive array of Steuben sculptures which make wonderful gifts (original red leather boxes included) and an assortment of barware from Waterford, Baccarat, Orrefors and Lenox. 




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