APRL 2019 

Royal Poinciana Plaza aka "The Royal"!
Spring is traditionally a time of renewal, growth and hope.  It is a time "when the hounds of spring are on winter's traces" (Algernon Swinburne) and we can go forward with a spring (no pun intended) in our step! 

Hermes at "The Royal"

Worth Avenue Clock Tower
This prime time of the year brings stunning weather as 'blossom by blossom the spring begins" (Swinburne, again) and we are reminded anew how lovely Palm Beach can be.  Strolling down Worth Avenue, poking into the little bougainvillea-laced Vias, exploring the newly renovated and restyled Royal Poinciana Plaza ("The Royal") with its elegant new luxury shops, wandering into the wonderful variety of shops and eateries along County Way and Royal Poinciana , sitting in the quiet serenity of the parks and gardens that are in full bloom, watching the ocean's twinkling waves...Palm Beach surely is paradise!  

Hinkley Yachts on South County Road

So, whether you are in the mood for a new Hermes handbag, flirty Manolo sandals, little black Valentino cocktail dresses, Chanel dresses, suits or shoes, flirty Cavalli skirts, spring bonnets or you just want to be surprised, come on in!  It's time for a fresh start!  

Sally's Fresh Start Begins
at Classic Collections!



We are so pleased to announce that we are doing two more three day trunk shows with the Fine Jewelry family-owned, 25-year old company, Benchmark of Palm Beach.  They will be holding a show on the 28, 29 and 30th of March at Classic Collections and then again, before the end of the season, on May 2nd, 3rd and 4th from 10am to 5:30pm each day.

Hermes 18K Gold
Diamond Ring

Cartier Long 18K Link Neckchain

David Webb 18K Black Enamel Cuff

For those who may not be aware of the quality, quantity and types of jewelry that Benchmark offers, they are very select in showing only the Best of the Best from David Webb, Cartier, Hermes, and Tiffany incredible assortment of vintage Piaget and other fine watches.  

Benchmark is also available for the next few months to meet with those who may want to sell any unused or unneeded jewelry before heading  off for the summer!

Tiffany & Co. Brooches and Bands

April 9, 2019 Edition! 

Editor and Publisher: Rebeca Herrero
Photographer: Kevin Richards 

We have not yet seen the latest issue, but will be pouncing on it as soon as it is published!  This beautiful, quarterly magazine is primarily promoted in Miami and New York, but it can be found up in Palm Beach in several hotels, bookstores and, of course, here at Classic Collections!  Early word is it's fabulous!

Have you been reading the fashion press lately?  Almost every page is chock full of the most wonderful variety of trending spring dresses.  Of course, half of the trends come from different eras, so while the styles look vaguely familiar, in an "everything old is new again" mode, you will see rich patterns, polka dots, tailored shirt dresses and lavishly draped silks and jerseys.  

Plethora of Pucci Prints!

Channeling your inner style, you can renew your look with a  an always perfect Pucci  spring frock and dress it up with a bright, colorful handbag and shoe ensemble.  Why not put on those big, round sunglasses and tie an Hermes scarf around your head a la Grace Kelly? 
Looking for something comfortable yet sexy and packable?  We have an assortment of dresses from the collections of Roberto Cavalli, Jean Paul Gaultier, Escada and others who know the value of a light, stretchy material that can be hand washed if necessary.  Known for their fine fabrics, interesting, form fitting styles and whimsical and jaunty prints, these designers have cornered the market for fashions that can be dressed up, travel well (think in a tiny, little carryon) and are flattering to almost all figures!  

Jersey Dress Dreams!

John Paul Gaultier

Roberto Cavalli


Always glamorous, we can't forget the delightful and timeless styles of Valentino, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Alexander McQueen and others.  While perhaps out of normal bounds budget-wise, these traditional and classic dresses are affordable and a treasure to find at consignment boutiques.  Right now, Classic Collections has an assortment of these designers for your shopping pleasure...but hurry in...they go fast! 

Provacative Pucci!

Very Valentino!

Cocktail Chanel!


18K White Gold Cuff
20 Carats of White Diamonds!

You simply will not believe the wonderful assortment we have recently received of current, fashionable "every day" gold jewelry!  From heavy diamond wide cuffs to bangles, chunky necklaces and matching bracelets, stunning earrings all sparkling with the beauty of 14K and 18K gold.

Enjoy the elegant heavy floral design of the above pictured 2.5 inch, 18K white gold cuff bracelet with over 20 carats of diamonds!  For instant fashion appeal, wear the South Sea Pearl necklace and earring set that is brand new for Mother's Day, graduation or a special wedding!  17" necklace feature graduated pearls measuring from 12.5mm to 15.3mm in diameter.  Earrings are 14mm in diameter.  

South Sea Pearl
Necklace and Earring Set
If Tiffany is your choice, please make note of some of the most collectible pieces in town.  Paloma Picasso, Jean Schlumberger, Elsa Peretti and more are featured in our Tiffany Collection.  We also have quite a selection of Ippolita, an Italian designer who combines her artistic and stylish approach to every piece with gem stones and sterling silver or 18K gold.

Ippolita Rock Candy and Hero Pieces!

18K Citrine & Quartz Rock Candy Earrings

18K Citrine 
Rock Candy Ring

18K Gold Hero Gelato Bangle



Just as President Regan once said with conviction, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!", we also want to say loudly and with certainty, "Consignors, come and reclaim your furs!"
Yes, ladies, it's that time of year to reclaim your furs or let them go.  Furs that are not picked up by May 1, 2019 will be forfeited.  We simply do not have the room to "store" furs and respectfully request that if you wish to re-consign a fur, you bring it to us again in November.  We love having these beautiful, warm and wonderful coats, jackets and unique pieces, but they really must go home with you over the summer!


OMG, the selection of jackets that are available right now is amazing.  From staid Valentino to quirky and trending Alexander McQueen or Roberto Cavalli, we have something for everyone!  Like the soft and knitted feel of St. John?  

St. John

Dolce & Gabbana

Alexander McQueen

Prefer the hip and on-trend fashionable leather and exotic skins by McQueen, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana?  Feeling frisky for a sparkling evening jacket full of sequins or bugle beads?  Hoping to find a casual, but tailored navy or white jacket that will go with everything?  Well, ladies, we have them here.  Racks and racks of the top designers jackets for the upcoming spring season.

Roberto Cavalli




Hermes Cosmos Scarf by Philippe Ledoux

Wondering how to dress up a dress or suit you love and can't part with?  Come in and take a peak at the amazing assortment we have of Hermes Scarves, those by Chanel, Ferragamo, Dior, Etro, Cartier and so many other creative designers.  So easy to pack and travel with, they can change the look of any outfit and are beautiful and silky stalwarts of any fashionable woman's wardrobe.

Yves Saint Laurent



Martha, Sally, and Susan!

What's more fun than a group of friends on a fashion and jewelry shopping spree?  Well, we think its a blast and Martha Stewart, Susan Dunning Magrino and Kevin Sharkey came in to play dress up with jewelry, hats and all kinds of clothes and furs!  Sally had a ball with these old friends and there were lots of laughs!  We LOVE these kinds of days!

Martha and Sally Mugging With Hats!

It's always good to know who you are doing business with and if they are ethical, trustworthy and conduct themselves in a professional manner with dedication, high standards and a devotion to their community. 

We are very pleased to announce that Classic Collections is a "Preferred Dealer" with the largest luxury on-line marketing company in the world, 1st Dibs. Selected as one of their Fashion Dealers as well as a Fine Jewelry Dealer, we have had tremendous success with our fine merchandise on this site, which bills itself as offering "The most beautiful things in the world". We have found that 1st Dibs has opened our market literally to the world! 
We are delighted to report that we have received orders from England, Dubai, Brunei, China and all the countries throughout Europe. Obviously, this is a marvelous platform for our wonderful merchandise and it gives our consignors world-wide exposure to their treasures!  benefit for our consignors who now have access to the fashionistas of the globe for their marvelous merchandise!

We are also extremely proud to announce that Classic Collections is an accredited business registered with the South East Florida Better Business Bureau and that we hold a coveted "A+" rating! We adhere to the BBB's Code of Ethics and truly believe that high standards of ethical behavior and trust is NOT just a slogan to put in your advertising, but a way of life and business that we practice.  


We are members of the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce and participate in many of their events on a year-round basis. 
Every year, we proudly advertise in their eagerly anticipated Palm Beach Guide & Phone Book.  Of course, you can access our website and read all about Classic Collections through a link on the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce.  

We are proud to be members of the Palm Beach Civic Association and have been active in community events, business panels affecting traffic, town beautification  and support the fine work of the dedicated people who give freely of their time to make Palm Beach a better place to do business.


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