January 2012

"Style is knowing who you are and what you want to say, and not giving a damn!" Gore Vidal

"What would Gore say?"


Boy, is that a terrific attitude, or what? Well, if you are one of those fortunate people who have an innate sense of style and can carry off any combination of fashion looks, timelessness, casual or elegant and are constantly being complimented on your "look", then step up to the bar with Mr. Vidal.


But, if you are like most folks, sometimes a different view point or opinion, type of place you shop or even reading a period type of book can help you make the metamorphosis from fashion caterpillar to fabulous butterfly!


Ostrich Handbag

At Classic Collections we work with our customers to put together the "Best of the Best" and create a fabulous look just for you. Are you looking for a comfortable St. John suit that you can wear to work? Sounds great...but let's kick it up a bit with a daring, edgy, red Italian ostrich handbag! Need a gown and want to stick with always right black? Sure, but let's add sequined booties and a glamorous sequined fur cape! Want a casual, Chanel blazer that you can literally wear with everything for the

Simply Shine

rest for your life? Why not...but let's add a terrific, current patent leather Valentino handbag and some funky non-Chanel jewelry to stir things up a bit! 


Have something at home that you just don't know what to wear with it? Bring it in-let us see if we can find a new way to approach the piece....and, if all else fails, you can consign it

with us and buy something else!

Chanel and Valentino


We are so lucky to have such an abundant and continuous flow of elegant and unusual designer merchandise! What you don't find one day you will be overwhelmed with on another! So come on in and start 2012 with STYLE!!


Tiffany Brooch

By working with our ever-expanding group of long-time jewelry dealers, specialists and estate contacts, we are adding substantially to our variety of  designer signed creations. These remarkable, collectable pieces are highly sought after and are instantly recognizable for their

David Webb

distinctive style and flair.


Consignors are also bringing us some marvelous jewelry that they no longer have a use for...from casual earrings to precious matched sets worthy of any Palm Beach social ball! We are pleased

David Yurman

to make an appointment with 

you either at the shop or we will come to your home and work out a plan for the

Reversable Bulgari Coin

consignment of your jewelry.


We work with a certified appraiser and, of course, are fully insured with Lloyds of London. Especially coveted are pieces signed by the designer and nothing is too small or large. We plan to have several "Private Sales" so stay tuned for the exciting Fine Jewelry Series coming up this season.




Celine Fur

Bored to death of reading through all the January White Sales? We are too, so we are going against convention and offering you the

Fur Hats

opportunity to shop our first annual January BLACK Sale!


Yup, everything in the shop that is pure BLACK including furs, gowns, dresses, shoes, boots, luggage, coats, handbags and accessories will be reduced for the month of January by 15%! 


BLACK is always elegant, in

fashion and perfect for any occasion; we can only thank goodness on this occasion that we are sold out of black diamonds!


It can be a tricky situation. You don't want to hurt someone's feelings and return their gift, but you will never, ever wear that particular item. Not to worry-bring your "never-ever's" into Classic Collections and let us sell it for you! Honestly, how do you think we got so much merchandise in the shop with the original tags still attached?   This way, you can honestly say that you didn't return something...in fact, think of it as recycling and helping the environment!





Liancarlo Couture

Whether you wear them often or only once a season, there is something to be said for

Badgley Mischka

stepping into a room in an elegant gown and having all eyes on you!  We currently have a tremendous selection of gowns ranging from small to large in a variety of fabrics, styles and colors. Naturally, we are featuring "winter" gowns now and have a plethora of "spring" styles that will be on the floor in March. 


 If you find something that needs alterations, we have several local seamstresses and tailors that we have used in the past and can recommend to you. So, if you have an occasion coming up, come on in! Most likely we will have the perfect "Cinderella" gown just for you!







Let's face it, not every fancy occasion calls for gowns...in fact, many recent black tie affairs in


Palm Beach specified "cocktail" attire. Thus lives on the Little Black Dress (LBD) and it's best friend, the evening suit. Put on some pearls or a brooch, grab a light-weight fur wrap, and off you go! So simple, so easy, so right!






Judith Leiber

Nothing sets off a sumptuous gown, frisky LBD or demure evening suit than the sparkle and drama of an elegant evening bag.


Currently, we have a wide assortment of evening bags and clutches that run the gamut from sophisticated and timeless to edgy and very different!


While these creations can be pricey, they last

Vintage Judith Leiber

forever and become like old friends...that you want to bring out to your special occasions year after year. Add to your collection now and you will be happy you did next season when you really, really need an sophisticated  evening bag and can't find one!             




Fur and Feathers

We don't get as many as we would like, but

Stay Toasty!

baby, we have some very, very eclectic classic fur hats available right now. Whether you are channeling your French chanteuse look, Laura from Dr. Zivago or just want to stay warm, come on in! Tres chic!






All BLACK merchandise 15% off!

Good through 01/31/12
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