March 2012


Usually about this time of the year, we are straining to edge into spring after a tough, cold and dreary winter. Well, Mother Nature fooled almost the entire country this year and we are slip-sliding into spring without the usual fanfare and fully expecting a continuation of the most marvelous, warm, pleasant winter ever.


So, while Lord Tennyson confidently

Save the Queen Spring Collection

wrote that "In the spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love", we can definitely assure you that while love is nice, OUR thoughts are turning to the explosion of splendid spring fashions currently on blatant, non-stop display all over! Shops, YouTube, magazines, TV, the web, catalogues and more.


Fabulous Spring Colors

Well, not to be outdone, Classic Collections is rolling out the most extensive selection of designer spring clothing, handbags, shoes, wraps, jewelry, scarves and other necessities for all of our customers and friends!


Our floor has pretty much been cleared of winter clothing, coats, wool and velvet dresses, heavy suits and winter shoes and accessories. Now is the time to zip in for the first showing of all the marvelous spring things that we have been saving for your shopping pleasure!



Hermes Plume Bag


Founded in 1837 by Frenchman Thierry Hermes as a harness making shop, the Hermes Company expanded in 1879 to include the marketing of saddles. Today, the Hermes brand is represented by 14 divisions providing a wide selection of products world-wide. Offering menswear, women's fashions, footwear, jewelry, crystal and porcelain tableware, perfumes, and the original Hermes products-harnesses and saddles-the brand is offered in over 20 company-owned Hermes boutiques in the U.S. alone.


Hermes Kelly Bag

An interesting fact is that in the late 1880's under the direction of Charles-Emile Hermes, the company created a bag used to carry a rider's saddle and this was the first interpretation of what later would become the first Hermes handbag! They also obtained sole rights to use the zipper in their leather goods and added a line of leather garments to the family enterprise. In 1929, Emile Maurice Hermes produced the first Hermes purse later followed in 1935 by a bag known as the Sac a dépêche which later became known as the Kelly Bag. 


Hermes Kelly Bag

In the 1970's, the family-owned company, under the direction of Jean-Louis Dumas-Hermes, rose to new heights. A brilliant marketing and advertising leader, he made the Hermes name relevant to contemporary consumers through sophisticated and savvy marketing.


Aretha, Sally and Tina

Today Hermes continues to be a revered and committed name in the world of fashion and luxury merchandise. This reputation stands on the meticulous craftsmanship that is evident in all of their products and to the well-deserved prestige associated with this esteemed brand known for its unparallel excellence. World-wide sales are derived as follows: leather goods - 30%; clothing - 15%; scarves - 12%; ties - 15%; other merchandise makes up the balance. Come on in to Classic Collections!




(L-R)Sally Kimball, Princess Zelda, Candy Spelling, Robin Ganzert and Tinsley Mortimer
Photo Credit: Paulette Martin


The second annual Palm Beach American Humane Association event was a stunning success! We were pleased to have over 375 attendees for the luncheon at Mar-a-Lago and had the opportunity to do some marvelous shopping at a chock-full of treasures Silent Auction. Guest honoree was Candy Spelling and the new National Spokesdog, Princess Zelda. 



Princess Zelda!
Photo Credit: Douglas Kazanjian


No princess is complete without a tiara and Princess Zelda of course was no exception!She was seen wearing a 1910 Edwardian Tiara, made of Platinum, 765 Old Cut Diamonds, 78 ctw, courtesy of The Kazanjian Foundation. The tiara was worn by Madonna at her wedding to Guy Richie. What a show stopper!



Royal Jewelers Diamond Bracelet

 Classic Collections invited Royal Jewelers of Boston to participate with their amazing selection of current fine jewelry that represented a wide group of designers with marvelous merchandise in every price range. Their generous contribution of sales to the organization was much appreciated.



Sally Kimball, Douglas Kazanjian and Isabel Kammerer.
Photo Credit: Douglas Kazanjian

Classic Collections was instrumental in bringing the Kazanjian Foundation from Beverly Hills to the event. This long-established, family-owned 501 C (3) Foundation is known for encouraging donations of fine estate and rare jewelry for their program "Jewels for Charity" and sales proceeds from this collection are made to various charities.   They also will buy unwanted fine jewelry and donate 10% of the sales proceeds to the charity of one's choice. The American Humane Association thanks The Kazanjian Foundation for their gracious and generous donation to the event.


Mannmade Pottery Pet Cookie Jar


We are also grateful for the other vendors who brought their marvelous merchandise to the silent auction including Daniella Ortiz (handbags), Paul Fisher Gallery (art and Dale Chihuly glass objects), Mannmade Pottery (fabulous pottery with dog and cat portraits) and Anushka Salon which provided the makeup and other items for the models of the informal Lily Pulitzer fashion show.


There were wonderful restaurant donations, golf foursomes at terrific exclusive area Clubs, tennis lessons, and an extensive array of services and one of a kind merchandise and jewelry from the generous businesses in the Palm Beach County community. 


All in all, a terrific and successful day that raised money for such a worthwhile cause-the care of children and animals.


St. John Couture


When the stars are aligned perfectly, we are sometimes bestowed with a plethora of the most superb fashions from the various collections of St. John Knits International. Commonly referred to as St. John, this American fashion brand specializes in upscale and luxury women's knitwear. Founded in 1962 by Robert and Marie Gray and headquartered in Irvine, California, St. John currently sells its collections in specialty stores in 29 countries and has 31 company-owned retail boutiques in the US alone.


St. John Spring Fashions

Known for its classic styling, primary colors and their "knit-in hem", the brand is especially appealing to executive women as it travels well, is somewhat forgiving and flattering to a woman's figure, and jackets, skirts and slacks can be mixed and matched within one's wardrobe. 


St. John Couture Suits


Currently, Classic Collections has a wide range of the St. John Couture line which tends to be more exclusive and youthful and appeals to the upscale and trendier buyers. Classic Collections also carries several of the other St. John lines including their evening, caviar, accessories and jewelry collections.


Gucci 85th Anniversary Bag

Handbags-are they a fashion accessory or a necessary part of a woman's lifestyle? Theoretically a handbag can be both-

depending on size, style and color. For instance, in our culture, a "handbag" is a handled medium-to-large bag that is generally used to carry personal items such as a wallet, cosmetics, mobile phone, keys, hairbrush, etc. Many handbag styles offer the same general shape, but come with a shoulder strap-thus freeing the hands to brush said hair, talk on said cell phone and still eat at the same time. 


Cartier Envelope Clutch

A larger handbag, often with two long handles, is called a tote and typically one can fit almost all of life's necessities in these roomy, bottomless creations. Often made with interior pockets and zippered compartments, these babies are indispensible to the modern working woman-they hold ipads, flat shoes, bottled water, multiple pairs of eye and sun glasses, emergency nail repair kits, totally complete makeup and dental supplies and occasionally, the "maybe I'll be gone overnight" change of clothes. It is definitely deemed dangerous for anyone other than the owner to delve into a tote-you never know the things one might find!


Gorgeous Lana Marks Bags

Of course, there are the beautiful and minimal clutches. Much smaller than regular purses, and usually rectangular (although we have seen some terrific square and oval shapes), they are often used for dressy evenings and can be made of silk, velvet, crystals, exotic skins and semi-precious gems. "Ladies Who Lunch" often carry the exotic skin clutches in a wonderful variety of colors and shapes which, naturally, are then casually laid down on the luncheon table to be admired! 


Chanel Tote

No matter your preference, loving and owning many, many handbags is NOT a sickness! In fact, in a 2007 study with 1,500 women done in England, the average 30 year old owns 21 handbags and buys a new one every 3 months. This means that over the course of a lifetime, that gal will own 111 bags. Five percent of the group surveyed owned over 100 bags at present and yet, researchers found that typically women use only three handbags on a regular basis. What happens to the other 97? Well, there are several plausible explanations: it's a case of only using a bag to match an outfit, a special occasion, a mood elevator, the desire to hoard because "you never know" or sentiment. One in three of those questioned about their excessive handbag purchases expressed having a guilty conscience.


Well, at Classic Collections, we are here to tell you there is NO guilt! Ladies, if you love handbags and just can't or don't want to deal with the guilt of obsessing over a new purchase, consignment shopping is for you. With a selection of the best of the best in handbags, we offer you the experience of high fashion, affordable prices and the ability to buy three bags to the one you may see at a conventional retail shop.


Judith Leiber Fabreger Egg

Hermes, Chanel, Nancy Gonzales, Judith Leiber, Burberry, Bottega, Feragamo, Furla, Prada, Gucci, Pucci, Valentino, Escada, Versace and others are continually arriving in our boutique and going right back out again with happy buyers. Our consignors have the pleasure of making room in their closets for different handbags and our buyers have the pleasure of obtaining something that at regular retail prices might forever be out of their economic range. And, of course, there is the undeniable high of the hunt and the perfect "FIND"!! Indeed, who hasn't purchased a coveted handbag and sprinted home to ooh and aah over it? So, not to worry, mum's the word on your guilty secret pleasures...we can't wait to show you all of our new bags!



Please call us for an appointment to pick up items that have been in the shop over your contractual time limit. We will not be calling you to remind you! Unclaimed items will be donated to charitable entities or become the property of Classic Collections. Unfortunately, we do not have space to store items for long periods of time. We try to accommodate our consignors, but space and logistics prevent the storage for our thousands of consignors! We ask for your consideration and understanding. 






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