May 2012


Momma said there'd be SALES like this,

There'd be SALES like this, my Momma said! With apologies to the Shirelles, we can't help but drag up that fabulous oldie but goodie when Mother's Day comes around once again.


And who better to benefit from these sales but you, your Momma and all the want-to-be Momma's out there! Well, ladies, we have so many sales going on now, we KNOW that you'll find something for Mother's Day...in fact let's make that MOTHER'S MONTH!


Stop in and find gorgeous, luxury pieces for 10% to 40% off OUR original price!



Perfect Pearl Petals

Flowers are such an important part of our lives especially here in balmy Florida. Delight in the bright and bountiful bougainvillea creeping all over buildings and walls to the sweet fragrance of gardenias and jasmine. Enjoy the riotous blooming colors of hibiscus or orchids gracefully draping in all settings...flowers abound!


Well, here at Classic Collections we have our own variety of gardens! Consider the bouquets that we currently are featuring:



Gorgeous Gold and Ruby

JEWELRY - Whether you pine for an exquisite antique rose brooch to adorn a suit or cocktail dress or are looking for delicate flower earrings, we have quite a selection that will dress up any outfit.

Dazzle In Dior




And let's not forget rings! How about a wonderful whimsical mother of pearl and crystal ring, a chunky Dior flower ring or a beautiful ruby and diamond showstopper? Our fine jewelry and costume jewelry selections will provide fabulous gift ideas for that special Mother's Day recipient! 


Flirty In Dior Floral
GOWNS - What makes a statement as lovely as an elegant woman
Stunning Spring Colors in Elana Kattan
graciously dressed in a flowing, flowered gown? Experience how very feminine and beguiling some of the beautiful gowns in our collections are. Consider the soft, ethereal muted tones of a Christian Dior piece or the elegant multi-colored John Galliano's. For those who prefer casual, sassy and bright easy-travel gowns, we feature Miami desginer Elana Kattan.




Classic Chanel


Floral Surprise

 CLOTHING - Think about how often the major designers default to flowered pieces. Note the beautiful stark white embroidered flowers on Chanel's silk two piece creation,Valentino's

sequined flowered skirt, and John Galliano's two piece black and white cocktail ensembles. Jackets can be a surprise, featuring flowers even in hidden floral lining. As Spring moves forward, we have new items coming in every day that are fresh with floral inspiration. Come in and get your flower on!




Flowery Footwear

SHOES, HANDBAGS and ACCESSORIES- It's such fun to see flirty, flowered shoes! Check out the Jimmy Choo's with the delicate flower at the ankle, the Manolo Blahnik sandals, the flower and fruit embellishment by Moschino, or Lily Pulitzer strappy flowered sandals.



Kathrine Baumann Spring Sunflower

 Consider the Judith Leiber evening bag with pink crystal flowers or the Kathrine Baumann stunning sunflower bag to shine up an evening occasion. Not to be forgotten, make sure you see the Christian Dior evening saddle bag with oriental-style embroidered flowers! 

Floral Silk Gucci Scarf



And, of course, every best dressed gal needs the ubiquitous Chanel Camilla pin, the Gucci flowered scarf or the other numerous items we have that shout flowers!





Alejandro Osusa Designs

Classic Collections is extremely pleased to be working with famous international jewelry designer, Alejandro Osusa. Originally hailing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Alejandro is a third generation fine jewelry designer having learned the business working with his father and grandfather since he was a young boy.To formally  master the craft, he attended design and jewelry schools all over the world and currently resides in The Palm Beaches.

sively showing a selection of rings cast in 18 karat gold and featuring the finest cuts of amethyst, tourmaline, ruby, emerald, and other magnificant stones. One of the marvelous benefits of working with this talented and creative designer is his ability to create custom pieces for our clientele using your own unused jewelry or making "matching" pieces for items you already have and cherish.  Private consultation appointments are still available. 

Looking for an elegant Mother's Day gift?  This collection is currently half off the original retail price! Rings are priced between $2,500 to $3,500, making them affordable for everyone!  Rings can be sized and available for next day delivery!



Sally Derby Ready!

So many hats, so little time! At least this month we can make a good argument for hat shopping! Think of all the events where a spectacular hat will turn heads-Mother's Day, the Kentucky Derby, Memorial Day, Cinco de Mayo (okay, that's a reach) and just plain old sunny days where one must take shelter from all that cheerful Florida sunshine.

Classic Collections has a fabulous variety of hats this season. Made of straw, silk, cotton or other materials, and available in solid colors, patterns, feathers and more, we can offer you a terrific topper for your pleasure!




Classic Collections is now making appointments to help you clear out your closets. If you have a lot of merchandise, we will come to your house and help you de-clutter. Why not make room now for your fall merchandise and anything that you buy over the summer?


But time is limited, and the clock is running out. Call us now for a personal consultation and appointment. We also will accept out-of-state shipments once we have discussed what items you may want to consign and ship directly to us. Please remember that we try to be "seasonally conscious" and have limited space.




Photo Credit: DailyNews

As all of you know, Classic Collections is a strong supporter of The American Humane Association. The Hero Dog Awards is fastly approaching and we would like to take the opportunity to ask all of our loyal customers and friends to PLEASE take a moment and vote for a canine companion worthy of this award!


"Atticus is an eight-and-a-half year old Yellow Labrador and the Grand Marshall Dog for the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards, selected for the vital service and protection he has performed for Jim Hogan, a blind Vietnam veteran since 2005."


Please click the link below to visit The Hero Dog Awards Website, where you can read more about Atticus and other furry friends!


 Click here to VOTE for Atticus!





10% Off Any One Item If You Show Us A Picture Of Your MOM!! 



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