October 2011


Sally in Fall
Finally Fall!

Falling into Fall is kind of like falling in love. There is that snap and rush to your senses and, just like that, you are smitten. Indeed, how can one not love the thought of cooler, crisp weather, the gleaming red of crunchy apples, the bright orange of pumpkins, the blanket you finally get a chance to snuggle under, and the wonderful colors of the fashions of Fall?


Red Valentino
Red Valentino Suit

We have an abundance of stunning autumnal designer pieces for our shoppers! Peruse everything from lightweight jackets and coats, cashmere wraps and sweaters, luxurious suits, beautiful designer scarves, suede and exotic skin purses, belts and shoes.


Suede Loubotins
Suede Louboutins

The best part about these new items is the array of marvelous colors and fabrics! Rich caramel brown, taupe suede, soft charcoal grey, shades of cinnamon and gold, bright berry red, deep burgundy, and animal printed everything. There are amethyst and jewel-toned taffetas, luscious heather tweeds, sumptuous sweaters, leather slacks, delectable dresses and elegant evening designs.


It is just terrific to experience the change of seasons (even in Florida) and the way that Fall fashions can exuberantly welcome you with a "new" look! So, come on in and take a peek at our kind of Fall!



Chanel Sweater Coat
Chanel Sweater Coat

During the last year of wild and crazy swings in the economy, it is fair to say that the old adage of investing for the long run still holds true. This lesson can absolutely be applied to fashion and is becoming more prevalent as women of style and substance return to the "classics" to see their wardrobes through this unpredictable economic period.


Chanel Boots
Chanel Black Boots

While buying classic pieces have always been the gold standard around which fashion icons would create their "look" with marvelous accessories and trendy "this season" items, it has become the wise and prudent way to shop now.


Nancy Gonzales croc purse
Nancy Gonzales Croc Purse

In fact, according to NARTS, the world's largest resale trade association (of which we are members), "in recent years of economic flux, when people watched their retirement accounts dwindle, resale has attracted even more consumers. A new breed of shopper has discovered resale and is taking advantage of the values found in both purchasing and consigning or selling gently-used items."

Getting value for your dollar is of prime importance and what better way than a few important pieces around which you

Chanel Scarf
Chanel Scarf

build your "investment" closet. Who could argue with the sense of owning a timeless Chanel jacket, an impeccably made Gucci or Hermes handbag, a classic pair of Louboutin or Jimmy Choo pumps, a fabulous Ferragamo scarf, a stunning St. John suit?


These investment pieces are the fashion linchpins for the smart and best dressed

Chanel Pearl Brooch
Chanel Pearl Brooch

women. Consignment shopping allows one to purchase these marvelous, chic and expensive items at a fraction of their original cost-and it is this concept that is the real purpose of investment dressing-to be able to blend accessible, incredible value with timeless quality and style.



Fur Vest
Fur Vest

We love October because our new, must-have furs begin to arrive for "season". Keep your eyes open for the stunning line of brand new furs, shawls, evening wraps, collars and other fun fur pieces from our exclusive furrier, Skaneateles Furs.


Whether you prefer sable or mink, formal or funky-casual, natural or brightly colored, we will have an unparalled selection! Our first shipment is due mid-October, so check in often-the fur literally flies out of the store as anxious customers pounce on the marvelous creations sent to us by long-time furrier and friend Eloise Luchsinger!


Lay Away

"Everything old is new again"! And that brings us to a marketing tool of the past-the Lay-Away! Classic Collections has decided to institute the availability of a Lay-Away program. This concept is especially appropriate for consignment shoppers because typically the item that we have is either unique or we only have ONE of them!


We can't tell you how many times someone has fallen in love with a fabulous purse, pair of shoes, dress, eveningwear, fur or piece of jewelry only to say they will have to wait a day...week...month before they can purchase that special item. Inevitably, they will come back all excited to make their purchase, only to find that it has already been sold. Unfortunately, we can't indefinitely hold merchandise or call the manufacturer to order another one...and the buyer loses out. Which truly is unnecessary when we offer a plan for shoppers who can benefit from a Lay-Away program!


All Lay-Aways are considered Final Sales and one item per customer will be permitted at a time. We will require a minimum of one-third of the sales price initially and the remaining balance one month later. The merchandise will be removed from the sales floor and will be waiting for your pickup! For pricey items, flexible and custom payment plans will be considered.   This program will be available in the future for our Web Boutique. We hope that this program will make our beautiful, quality merchandise more accessible to all of our shoppers!



We are pleased to welcome Bethany Popp to our professional sales staff! A graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Bethany has used her B.S. in Fashion Merchandising wisely. With a background in retail (Jessica McClintock, Nordstrom's and others) Bethany comes to us from jewelry designer Charles Albert. Seen here in one of Charles Albert's unique and incredible designs (which we proudly carry at Classic Collections), you will find Bethany a delight to work with! 


Shopping bags
Bring Your Bags!

Admit it. It's a safe bet that you, along with every woman you know, has items in their closets that no longer fit, that were never worn, that were well-meant but unloved gifts, that were "what was I thinking?" purchases or just haven't meshed with the rest of your wardrobe.


Classic Collections is currently ACCEPTING FALL SEASONAL MERCHANDISE. We particularly welcome your high-end designer and luxury clothing (dresses and jackets), handbags, scarves, accessories or jewelry! We prefer new, unused or gently worn merchandise that is clean, in perfect condition and is currently in style. At this time, we are NOT accepting shoes, winter suits and gowns. Please hold off on these items until November and December.


The Golden Rule of consignment shopping applies: "What you bring in to consign is something that YOU would want to buy"! Don't forget, what you no longer need or want is someone else's treasure! 


Gold Jewelry
Gold Jewelry

We are going to be offering our consignors the opportunity to bring in gold and silver jewelry for resale! Classic Collections will have appraisal services available to professionally price merchandise and will be showcasing this fine jewelry in the shop. Security measures are in place and we invite you to go through all of your jewelry and bring in that which you no longer wear or want. Why let it sit in a drawer? By selling unused items, you can buy new treasures without the guilt! Please call for an appointment to evaluate and consign your fine jewelry. Appointments are a must!



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